An Editorial About Nothing

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By: Teresa Sarkela –

Out of all works of the poetry, novels, and even angsty Indie songs out there fueled by the the idea of “finding yourself ” and “coming of age,” the best work may possibly be the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes.”

Kicking off my last year of college, I have never related to the hidden poignancy in Bill Watterson’s comic as strongly as I do now. Between classes, stress, writing, stress, research projects, deadlines and stress, one bit from Mr. Watterson beats in my head like a snare drum:

“There is never enough time for all the nothing you want to do.”

It’s college: we load too much on our plates, we stress, and there is always something we have to take care of. In an alternate universe where you have all the free time you could ask for, what would you do? Every day, I know there is a lot of “nothing” I wish I could do. But between all of my urgent somethings, maybe the best thing to do (whether it’s in a good conversation or a cup of coffee) is to take a breath and look for moments of nothing.


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