Be You

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By: Editor Emma –

My favorite commercial of all time is an old 2001 video for Dr Pepper, where Garth Brooks is singing a little jingle called “Be You.” Why? Because he (and Dr Pepper) are encouraging us to simply be ourselves.

So many times in our lives we find ourselves following the crowd, jumping on the bandwagon, a slave to trends and fashions. We change ourselves to suit others’ mood, perhaps by speaking slang that only “cool people” know, or dressing in a certain style that a certain celebrity made popular. Not only the outside gets changed, but the inside, and before we know it, we are not even recognizable as the same person we once were. Yet if we stopped to think for ourselves, we might realize that those things are not necessarily who we are at heart.

As you go about your college life, whether you’re brand new to the college scene or you’re a fifth-year senior, you may find yourself falling prey to different trends, different fashions that maybe aren’t true to your style. While it’s okay to try new things–you may find that this new way of life is exactly what you’ve been missing–I encourage you to make an effort to stay true to yourself. Put your own flair on life. Wear that dress, use that slang, but make it your own. Understand your motivations for everything you do and let your own originality shine.

As Garth and the good doctor say, “Be you, do what you do.”

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