Campus Safety: Don’t Be The 95%

By: Jayme Green – September is recognized by colleges and universities across the country as National Campus Safety Awareness Month. The highest reported crime on campuses? Property crime. The vast majority of cases (95%) involve property theft, especially electronic portable items including laptops, cell phones, tablets, and iPods. Thieves like easy targets, so they will look[…]

Stepping into College

By: Sadie Michael – College is often a time of major change, and making transitions to find success and happiness is not always easy. But like many campuses, Rocky offers a variety of resources to assist in freshmen acclimation to college life. One resource is the people already familiar with campus. Faculty, staff and upperclassmen[…]

Rocky Drama is Love/Sick

By: Teresa Sarkela – This fall, Rocky Mountain College’s drama department has caught a comically tragic ailment: John Cariani’s newest play, entitled Love/Sick. Love/Sick examines the sometimes comic, often inevitable, hardships one faces when loving and growing with another person. The New-York based playwright followed a distinctive writing style with the creation of Love/Sick, a[…]