Slapshots Score a Goal with RMC

By Richard Leeds – It is no secret that Rocky Mountain College has an abundance of clubs to keep its students occupied. Yet, until recently, hockey was one ac- tivity that was missing from the roster. RMC officially gained a club that fills that void in the fall of 2014: the Rocky Slapshots.

Environmental Club- Full Steam Ahead

By: Gabriel Aponte – Last year, RMC’s Environmental Club brought solar energy to the Bair Family Student Center – made possible by the leadership of senior Renee Seacor as the mind of the project, and with the contribution of generous donors that provided a total of $68,676 in funds. The solar panels save the college[…]

Get to Know Your Professors: Q & A with Tony Hammond (Associate Professor of Music/Director of Bands)

By Kasha Caprata – Name: Anthony Luke Hammond Originated From: Missoula, Montana Undergraduate/Masters/PhD Programs: I attended the University of Montana in Missoula to get my Bachelor of Arts in Music, then again after a year off to get my Bachelor of Music Education. A few years after that, I earned my Masters of Music through[…]

RMC Going Tobacco Free?

By: Teresa Sarkela – While RMC works on developing a campus-wide Tobacco Free policy, confusion among students has been raised regarding what the policy actually is and how it will affect them. The policy, which is still in the works of being created by a designated Task Force, means RMC will prohibit use of tobacco[…]

RMC Ski Team

By: Brandon Keim – The ski team here at Rocky consists of great coaching, young talent, and speed. Over the last 14 years, behind coach Jerry Wolf, the men’s and women’s ski teams have qualified for Nationals every year. The ski teams consist of two coaches, Jerry Wolf and his son Jeremy Wolf, eight women[…]

Faking the Single Life

By: David Fejeran – This Valentine’s Day was a bit of a struggle for my friend, Trevor Scott. An honest young man from the suburbs of Portland, he came to Rocky not only for the stellar Environmental Science program, but also to broaden his horizons and experiment with the scary world of dating. “This Valentine’s[…]

Get to Know Your Professors: This Issue: Q & A with Cristi Hunnes (Professor of Chemistry and Biology)

By: Kasha Caprata – Name: Cristi Hamilton Hunnes Originated From: I was born in born in Billings, but primarily grew up in Miles City, Mont. Undergraduate/Masters/PhD Programs: For undergrad, I attended Carleton College in Northfield, Minn., where I received my B.A. in Chemistry. I chose Carleton College for my undergrad because I wanted to go to a small,[…]

A Return of RMC Graduates

By: Kobi Hudson – Rocky Mountain College has had many graduates throughout the past 137 years. Many of these graduates can be found around Billings, the country, and even worldwide. Scott McCulloch, President of the Billings Education Association, graduated in 1977. McCulloch said he decided to go to RMC because “it had a solid reputation[…]