Three Ways to Handle Homesickness

By Shadya Jarecke – Many students experience homesickness while attending college, especially as freshman. It is important to remember that home- sickness is normal and you are not alone. It is brought on by the changing of environments. Homesickness typically lasts from one to three months. While those few months can be difficult, here are three[…]

The Cost of Dreaming: College in 2030

By Margaret Klein – What does the future hold? It’s human nature to wonder, dream, and, possibly, dread the future. Children daydream often about being astronauts, ballerinas, firefighters, and princesses. For adults however, the future isn’t always seen through such rose colored glasses. The main crack in said glasses is money. “Another day another dollar”[…]

Swearing on Campus, Maybe It’s Not Such a Bad Thing

By Tessa Fraser – When freshmen enter Rocky Mountain College for the first time, they are often caught off guard by the many differences between high school and college. These differences include making their own rules, setting their own bedtimes, and being accountable for going to their classes. One of the biggest differences they face[…]

RMC’s Re-Accreditation Proves Beneficial to All

By Tucker Downs – Last year students and faculty met with a peer review committee to examine whether or not Rocky Mountain College’s “goals are soundly conceived, its educational programs are intelligently devised, its purposes are being accomplished, and that the institution is so organized, staffed, and supported that it should continue to merit confidence.” Some[…]