RMC Writing Center expands, claims new location in library, article by David Fejeran, photos by Michaela Shifley

RMC students who frequent the library may have noticed the new addition to the north side of the  first  floor: three rooms for individual study groups, a large open  floor for tutoring, and a new and improved Writing Center. Previously located at Tyler 207, the Writing Center is an academic resource available to RMC students who need[…]

Eastern Screech Owl becomes new RMC campus legend, column by Andrhea Massey, photo courtesy of Zoo Montana

A little less than a month ago, another campus legend hid unnoticed in a cedar tree just outside the RMC Student Union Building– unnoticed, that is, until RMC senior Sierra Wilson walked by. “Interesting wildlife living in close proximity to humans is one of the reasons I moved out west in the first place,” she said,[…]

St. Louis Rams to Billings Bighorns: Should Billings try to go pro? editorial by Michaela Shifley, photo courtesy of Billings Gazette

The St. Louis Rams, a professional football team formerly located in Missouri, have recently decided to pick up and relocate themselves to Los Angeles, California. I don’t think the Rams really thought that move through – they should have instead chosen Billings, Mont., for their new home, thus becoming the Billings Bighorns. From experience, I can[…]

RMC Alumni Corner: Tucker Walker blazes trails from RMC to the healthcare field, article by Margaret Klein, photo courtesy of Tucker Walker

A recent graduate of 2014, Tucker Walker offers some insight into what life is like after college. With a double major in Athletic Training and Exercise Science, Walker is currently working at a hospital as a Cardiac Exercise Specialist. In essence, that complicated title simply means that he rehabs patients after any type of cardiac[…]

RMC Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program fosters student leadership, provides learning opportunities, article by Margaret Klein, photos couresty of MSUB/RMC ROTC

Early morning runs. Long hours at the gym. Active participation in the classroom.  These are all characteristic of the Army ROTC program that is a hidden gem of the RMC community. For  first-year student and Helena native Perriann Bushlen, joining the ROTC program is just one step toward her future dream of becoming a lawyer[…]

Hogwarts banquet brings magical world to RMC, photos and article by David Fejeran

Last Wednesday, RMC held a banquet in the Great Hall of Prescott that united students across campus, across grade-levels, and across disciplines in the ultimate nerdy experience. Organized by the Rocktivities Department, the Hogwarts Banquet is a tradition that has brought the best of the Harry Potter universe to the RMC community for years. In[…]

RMC Club Spotlight: Students for Sensible Drug Policy, column by Molly Davis

Wandering through the numerous stages of the Electric Forest Music Festival during the summer of 2013, I noticed a booth that caught my eye. There was a stand set up with a sign called “Amplify.” This booth was not trying to sell or promote anything; no, this booth was different. This booth was for the[…]

Syrian refugee crisis can no longer be ignored by Americans, editorial by Michaela Shifley, Editor-in-Chief

On a recent trip to our nation’s capital, I had the opportunity to venture through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. While I was walking through the deeply emotional exhibits and hearing the tragic stories of so many lost lives, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between events that took place more than 70 years ago,[…]

Are College Grads idiots for Thinking Judge Judy is a Supreme Court Justice? column by Caden Kiedrowski

Are you an Idiot? January 19th this year, both CNN and Fox News published similar articles that insist that you, me, and all our peers here in college are in fact, idiots. The evidence CNN provided (Fox News’s Todd Starnes focused mostly on insulting us and less on the numbers) was a recent poll conducted[…]

Making America Bleak Again: Why I’m afraid of Donald Trump, column by Tessa Fraser

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” is what Donald Trump said of John McCain at a Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, in July 2015. This man is also currently the top contender for the Republican Presidential nomination. Donald Trump is running[…]

Tobacco-Free RMC

A “Smoke Free RMC” disregards individual freedom, personal choice, column by Molly Davis, photo by Michaela Shifley

Rocky Mountain College is experiencing a huge push towards a tobacco free campus. However, the educational material I’ve seen on this issue unfortunately only presents one side. The main question is if we, as a college, should be limiting the legal right of a student to smoke a cigarette or chew tobacco. I would like[…]


Don’t Resist, Send a ‘Kist: RMC Enactus team raises funds for competition, article by Hope Bradley, photo by Patrick Wenzel

The RMC Enactus team is currently fundraising in order to travel to a regional competition in Bentonville, Arkansas, in April 2016. With success at regionals, the team hopes to continue to the national competition in St. Louis, Missouri, in May 2016. Members of the well-known campus business club will be fundraising by selling cans of the[…]

Lauretta Siderius, class of 1956

RMC Alumni Corner From Billings to France: Lauretta’s Story, article by Margaret Klein, photo by RMC yearbook

Lauretta Siderius attended Rocky Mountain College from 1952-1956 and graduated with a major in Music Education. When she arrived on campus, she could hardly have foreseen where life was going to take her during and after her time at RMC. Siderius was deeply influenced by one person in particular at the college: her music professor.[…]