Lack of Tobacco Free Policy hurts RMC students, violates their rights to breathe clean air, column by Alicia Bravo

When a prospective student visits Rocky Mountain College, their first thought is not, “I wonder if this is a tobacco friendly school.” One assumes that RMC is tobacco-free because… well, it is 2016. When I found out that RMC was not a tobacco-free campus, I was appalled. Although I have no judgment on those who[…]

RMC Alumni Corner: Antonia Klein changes the world for autistic children, article by Margaret Klein

Rocky Mountain College alumna, Antonia Klein was fascinated with the college ever since she was first exposed to the campus at age thirteen. She says that at that age, her initial impression was one of awe. She had, “never seen anything like it.” Klein’s life went on but she never forgot the buildings. After becoming[…]

The RMC Women’s Ski Team celebrates a er a big win.

RMC Ski Team wins USCSA National Championship, article by Courage Louviere

While many of us are returning from Spring Break with home cooked meals in our bellies and maybe even a nice tan, the Rocky Mountain College Ski Team is returning with a USCSA National Title. The skiers spent their midterm break competing in the USCSA National Championship in Lake Placid, New York. All of their[…]

Bears and Cubs connects at-risk youth with RMC mentors, article by Rachel Raymond

Bears and Cubs is a mentoring program where Rocky Mountain College students are able to interact and become good role models for children at Highland Elementary School. RMC freshman Christine DuVall, a first year student in the program, said, “I wanted to be a Big in order to give my Little someone to talk to[…]


RMC Debate season wraps up with U.S., international tournaments, article by David Fejeran, photo courtesy RMC Debate

RMC’s Debate Team saw a busy month in March. The team taught debate at the local Tribal Colleges, hosted an International-themed Trivia Night during International Week, and traveled to two tournaments in New York and Jamaica. The Debate Team kicked off this month with a trip to the local Tribal Colleges to teach debate. Through[…]

Justice Scalia was known for making some controversial decisions during his time on the Supreme Court. (Mark Avery/Zuma)

Preserving Justice: An argument against a democratic Supreme Court, column by David Fejeran

Those who know me know that my values and beliefs are incongruent with late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s. While his dissents were enjoyable to read, with his creative use of almost Seuss-like language, his actual arguments were so outlandish that even Clarence Thomas seemed centrist by comparison. Regardless, I honor the title that he[…]


RMC denies existence of sex on campus, perpetuates culture of repression, editorial by Michaela Shifley, cartoon by Genetic Analysis

Imagine this: You show up to your first day of freshman orientation, a little scared, very excited, and feeling somewhat nauseated. After all of the preliminary icebreakers and politely fake introductions to the people you’re going to be stuck with for the next four years, your group finally gets to start talking about something interesting:[…]

You might be a Montanan if Yellowstone National Park was your annual vacation spot.

You might be a Montanan if… article by Margaret Klein, photo by Iris Pacheco

If you can drive 65 mph through two feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching…you might be a Montanan. What does this word mean? For RMC freshman Hope Bradley, from Northern Ireland, the first thing that came to mind was, “second home.” But the second was, “Cowboys. Like sexy cowboys.” For many people,[…]

The all new female

Comics industry needs to address lack of character diversity, column by Roman Jones, photos courtesy of Google

Comics have been a staple of American society for over the past seventy years. One fundamental flaw for this industry has always been a lack of adequate representation in regards to diverse characters. As comics continue to increase in popularity it becomes more important for there to be better representation because of their greater influence[…]


Respect Rally, Special Olympics games coming to RMC, article by Jazmin Mitchell, photos by Emily Schaff

Have you ever wanted to make a change in someone’s life? Students may have the chance to make a small difference in someone’s life at Rocky Mountain College’s Respect Rally, being held on March 2 on the RMC Green from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The Rally’s mission is to encourage people to stop using[…]


RMC’s new “Girls’ Group” discusses feminism, women’s issues, article, photo by David Fejeran

Founded in the fall of 2015, the Girls’ Group is a club of students that seek to educate both women and men on campus by discussing issues related to feminism, including but not limited to sexism, social inequalities, domestic violence, and rape culture. While it is called “The Girls’ Group,” it is open to people[…]