Artist rendering of final outcome.

Project almost completed on new entryway, sign for Rocky By Tilly Calhoun Of The Summit Staff

Construction can be an annoying reality of life, especially when it becomes a part of our day-to-day life. New students at Rocky Mountain College might not know what the Widenhouse parking lot was like before it was torn up.  Students on campus last year may recall the state of the road and the well-aged speed[…]

Jacob's Ladder: Hello, my name is Jacob Wissinger and welcome to my column Jacob's Ladder. I'm a junior, I enjoy writing (evident), remaining present and aware, and fruit. I'm from Atlanta GA most of my writing will be cultural and entertainment based, I'll be sarcastic to a fault and hopeful that you all can enjoy and participate in any and all of what I create. Agree with me? Disagree with me? find me or email me I love the discourse, thank you and enjoy.

Jacob’s Ladder: Twilight is the Best Hate Watch of All-Time By Jacob Wissinger of the Summit Staff

  I’ve been told for years, “Watch this Jacob or watch that Jacob.” I’m a man who trusts his peers, for the most part. Having said this, trustworthy peers show their true taste at the suggestion of “Twilight Saga.” At any point, it’s been a referral that has been met with opposition and disinterest on[…]