Courtesy of Rocky Mountain College

Rocky’s Art Department welcomes new art professor By Sydney Weaver

Dr. Meredith Munson has been hired as the new Rocky Mountain College art professor. For the first time at Rocky, there will be a dedicated art history professor who will help the art department expand the curriculum by adding global perspectives in art-making from prehistoric times to today. With the addition of a new professor,[…]


Kamryn’s Korner: Toil and Trouble: How Macbeth Meets Us Today

Having only ever seena comedically doomed high school rendition of Macbeth, the Aquila Theatre company’s Friday night performance at the Alberta Bair Theater revolutionized my limited live-action Shakespeare experiences, solidifying the famous tragedy as an all-time favorite. As many know, the Bard’s play, or Shakespeare’s Scottish play, as it was called for the entirety of[…]


Student Spotlight: Tommy Whitford By Jacob Wissinger of The Summit Staff 4/1

Rocky Mountain College freshman Tommy Whitford, who is following his father into aviation, shares what he likes about Rocky and how his autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) channel is an outlet for his quirky creativity.   Where are you from?   Ogden, Utah   What do you study?   Aeronautical Science (flight operations)   What[…]