A Commentary on Leadership

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By Andrew Heaton –

What can you say about leadership? Plenty, I realize. You can try to define it. You can list the attributes and qualities of a leader, or discuss the different types of leaders. However, no one can deny the importance of leadership. People look up to leaders, follow them, even change who they are and shape themselves to reflect the leaders in their lives.

We are all leaders, every one of us, whether we like it or not. We all have people looking up at us for inspiration. But, possibly no one more than right now, right here. Look at the incoming class, the esteemed class of 2019. They are brand new to everything in college. The classes, the dorms, the grading, the social life, the food, all of it. Throughout the year, they are going to be looking to the upperclassmen, the veterans and the leaders of our campus, to show them the way. Whether you even realize it or not you are going to be role models. Your actions will shape the accomplishments of those who are new to this school. Your “normal” becomes their“normal.” You are responsible for creating the social norms and accepted behaviors at Rocky. We have all been thrust into the roles of leadership solely because of our experience, and while this may not seem fair, it is life.

Try and remember this. Whether in class, the dining hall, or while playing Ultimate Frisbee on the Green. Remember that your actions today are shaping the actions of tomorrow. So add in an extra “please” or “thank you” at the bookstore. Try and smile during an early morning class. And let’s forgive the kid that, God forbid, makes a game losing mistake while playing Ultimate. Because we are all leaders, and we are all being watched.



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