A Perspective on the Value of RMC Sports

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By Tessa Fraser –

Anyone who knows me knows that football isn’t my thing. If you see me at a football game, it’s not because I want to see the game. The reason I’m at Rocky Mountain College football games is because I am selling Enactus apparel for the Enactus team. I looked at football like lots of students at RMC do; if the game wasn’t affecting me then I didn’t care. I saw no reason to change this perspective either.

However this perspective did changed. When you go to a school where 30% of the entire student population is made up of athletes, these things almost are required to change. Not only did I meet football players who didn’t meet the stereotype, I also met and became friends with athletes from other sports. So my perspectives started to change but I was still having a hard time with the football team.

The culture of the team is what got to me for a long time. When there are over 100 people on the football team there are bound to be some bad apples but those bad apples seemingly destroyed the entire tree for everyone else. I never understood why a school with almost 1,000 students in the entire school could need so many people on one team. The amount of people on the football team make up for a little more the ten percent of the student population. So like many others I griped and complained about the football team. Things like their behavior in and out of class, the lack of real consequences for their actions, and their general expectation to be treated like gods walking on earth.

However the longer I stayed at RMC the more I realized the incredible use of our football team. For small colleges like ours we need anything we can get to be able to stay funded. We have less than a 1,000 students here and that means that there is a finite amount of money that can be brought in from student fees alone. Given this it becomes clear that we need all the help with funding that we can get. Football and other sports bring in this money. Football brings in community members and brings back alumni. Both of these groups of people spend money not only at RMC but also in the community. Having this money in the campus community is wholly good for us.

Having a football team that brings in the money is what makes it so that at RMC we can have things as good as we’ve got them. Without the program that we have right now, we wouldn’t have many of the things that we do.

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