A recap on RMC’s 2019-2020 enrollment and tuition

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“by Jocelyn Anderson”

Here are some quick facts about enrollment for the fall 2019 semester, drawn from Rocky Mountain College’s Office of Institutional Research:
RMC has 840 full-time students seeking undergraduate degrees, 10 parttime students seeking undergraduate degrees and 150 graduate students.
This totals to 1,000 students that are currently enrolled at Rocky Mountain College.
At Rocky Mountain College, there are 76 full-time faculty members, 86% of whom have the highest degree in their field. In addition, there are 58 part-time faculty members.
Students who are in a four-year degree program and complete that program within six years are counted as graduates. So, 49% of those who enrolled in 2013 have graduated.
Retention rate is the percentage of Rocky’s first-time, first-year undergraduate students who continue at the college the following year. The fall-to-fall retention rate (Fall 2018 cohort) is 70%.
Student-to-Faculty Ratio
The student-to-faculty ratio at Rocky Mountain College is 11:1. So, for every 11 students on campus, there is one faculty member.
A photo of Prescott Hall, where the Admissions Office is located. Photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain College Instagram page.
According to Rocky Mountain College, here is the 2019-2020 Cost of Attendance:
Full-time tuition costs $14,481 per semester, meaning the 2019-2020 academic year will cost $28,962. Fees cost $295 a semester, totaling $590. Room and board depends on which dormitory that the student lives in as well as the meal plan they choose, but it’s $4,140 for room and $4,312 for board this academic year for a Widenhouse double room and Carte Blanche Meal Plan. Total direct costs end up being $19,002 each semester, totaling $38,004
for the 2019-2020 academic year. However, this doesn’t include other expenses like textbooks and other costs of living.
With all of this being said, Rocky does have a scholarship program and offers work study as well.
A multitude of students receive some sort of financial aid from the College, making tuition easier to afford.
Visit www.rocky.edu for more information about the college.

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