An Update on Fall 2020 Sports at RMC by Oliver Walker

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Sophomore golfer Blake Vandenacre Photo courtesy of Oliver Walker

Sophomore golfer Blake Vandenacre
Photo courtesy of Oliver Walker

Fall sports seasons at Rocky Mountain College have been canceled or delayed because of the expanding coronavirus pandemic.

The RMC coaching staff has been promoting student welfare this semester, offering safe places to go along with extra help for athletes who need it.

Athletes from two sports commented on how their teams are running proceedings.

Haydn Driver, a junior on the golf team, said practices are on hold.

“Due to coronavirus and the weather at this present time,” he said, “our team practices have been put on hold but will resume with implications such as masks and keeping a 6-foot distance.”

Driver also stated that earlier in the season the team had to answer a questionnaire prior to tournaments that included questions such as “Do you feel sick?“ or “Have you been tested for coronavirus?”

Driver said this helped with track and trace to make it safe for everyone involved in the tournaments, not just players but also volunteers, marshals, and scorekeepers.

Over half the golf team at some stage has had to quarantine or self-isolate due to either contracting or being around roommates with the virus.

Basketball forward Konnolly Shane said the basketball team also has taken precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Shane explained that the basketball team is separating into smaller groups to do one-on-one practice.

“Because basketball is a contact sport,” he said, “you come exceedingly close to one another, which brings complications with wearing a mask. It’s very physically exerting, so it’s hard to wear a mask. So we try to limit the number of people you come in contact with, hence splitting up into smaller groups.”

It’s not just the people participating in the sport, the spectators also become affected, primarily by not being allowed to attend sporting events. Other schools have had their seasons canceled in a number of sports. Certain schools in the Frontier Conference participate in extracurricular activities such as gym work and psychology classes to help with the mental side of things.

Certain sports, such as football and other close-contact sports, face greater challenges than sports that can integrate a degree of social distancing.

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