ASRMC Kicks Off New School Year

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By: Samantha Zetler –

According to its constitution, Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College (ASRMC) serves as the voice of the students.

Student government is essential to Rocky Mountain College. Danny Benzel, ASRMC President, says the main function of ASRMC “is to provide positive opportunities for students to enhance their college experience.”

ASRMC allocates funds for proposals presented to them. “Since the funds come from students, the senate focuses on the best interests for the student body,” said Benzel.

Benzel said that last year, ASRMC funded the new Rocky Mountain College mobile phone application, Elkay drinking fountains with water bottle refillers, solar panels on the top of the Bair Family Student Center and every issue and salary of The Summit, as well as student activities and outdoor recreation, which ASRMC has been supporting for years. Resident Advisor Stewart Shoe said, “It is a great way to get your ideas funded.”

ASRMC received only six petitions Friday, September 12, for eight open positions on the 2014-2015 senate. The lack of candidates made an election moot. According to the ASRMC Constitution, “Candidates running for office unopposed shall be considered elected by acclamation, and their names and office will not appear on the election ballot.”

Factors such as Rocky students already being over-in- volved, not knowing about the election, and a lack of interest in student government may have led to a low submission of petitions.

Students had varied opinions regarding the lack of elections. Freshman Emily Schaff said, “It’s a bummer they didn’t hold elections. I thought more students would want to be involved.”

Sophomore Shay Sturdevant had a similar opinion. She said, “If they want to call it associated students of Rocky Mountain College, than students should have the right to vote in senators that would be best for the senate.”

However, other students didn’t feel that representation was an issue. Junior Tessa Fraser said, “I don’t care because it doesn’t directly impact me, but it should matter.”

Senior Jordan Haynes’ view was representative of the majority of one hundred students surveyed. Haynes said, “I think it’s fine; I don’t pay much attention, though.”

Despite this year’s lack of candidates, many senators anticipate a great year ahead. Cooper Simpson said, “I am disappointed that there was so little interest. That being said, I am very happy with the new senators, and I believe that we will have a very effective senate this year.”

Wyatt Rodenbough, new Widenhouse senator, said “I am looking forward to the opportunity to develop my leadership

Even without the buzz of winning an election, senators

like Rodenbough and Simpson are looking forward to their opportunity to create positive changes on campus. ASRMC President Benzel said, “I implore students to voice their ideas for improving our campus to create a brighter future.”

ASRMC senators for the 2014-2015 year include ASRMC President Danny Benzel; Jorgenson senator Kasha Caprata; Rimview senator Michael McCallum; Widenhouse senator Wyatt Rodenbough; minority senator Karen Wray; non-traditional senator Amber Godfrey; off-campus senator Cooper Simpson; and at-large senators Megan Cline, Molly Davis, Gerald Giebink, Zach Pietrocarlo and Samantha Zetler.

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