ASRMC-The Voice of the RMC Students

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By: Karen Wray –

A lot of you may have heard about ASRMC, but many of you may not know what it stands for and what we actually do within Rocky Mountain College. ASRMC stands for Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College, and we are the Student Council.  ASRMC voice concerns of the students to the appropriate faculty members, and we point out areas that need improvement within RMC. Each year, the Executive Board is changed when voting happens in Spring and Fall.

As not everyone knows the structure and jobs of each of the students who have represented them this semester, I feel that it is important to introduce everyone who has worked very hard throughout the last few months. The  current Executive Committee consists of the President role, held by Cooper Simpson; the Vice President, Karen Wray; the Financial Administration role, Zach Pietrocarlo; and the Secretary position, Amber Godfrey. These positions bring with them a lot of responsibilities. With these roles the students are not only representatives of the school campus, but also representatives of RMC within the community. The President leads the weekly meetings, which happen every Thursday 5.15 – 6.15p.m. The Vice President has the role of overseeing the other executive leaders for the different sub-committees, which consist of Student Relations, Education, and Publications.

We then have the Students Relations committee, led by Michael McCallum. The other members include Keenan Meyer, Megan Cline, Monika Rock, and Wyatt Rodenbough. The Education committee is led by Gerald Giebink, and includes Jack Jennaway and Daniel Murphy. And last, but not least, the Publications committee,led by Kasha Caprata and includes, Tessa Fraser and Bailey Eich. These people and sub-teams work to bring you different events, such as Rocky’s Got Talent, Halloween for Kids in the Community, The Rocky Scavenger Hunt, The President Willmouth series of Lectures, and also The Rocky Race. These teams don’t stop here; ASRMC work hard to provide new equipment to areas around the college that need replaced, such as the new calculators in the library or when any new equipment ends up in the gym. Gerald Gabink stated “Rocky is not just a school, its a community. It’s where we study, work, hang out, and have fun. ASRMC does a ton of work behind the scenes to make sure that Rocky is a place that we can all enjoy while we are preparing for the ‘real world’, and I’m proud to be a part of that”.

In order to be eligible to run for an ASRMC position, these students collected a petition from the Dean of Students office. They then have to get a faculty member’s signature along with 25 students’ signatures. The final stage is getting that all-important picture and writing about themselves. The election process then happens where the students vote on who gets each position. Votes are counted according to the constitution, and the person with the most per position is  elected onto the council. All of these current members will be stepping down in April and can re-apply for their positions; however, we would like to see a great election process this time with a lot more candidates. There are three positions that will be left open until September to allow for a exciting election process with new students next year.  We always believe in seeking to find people with different opinions. Having some ‘fresh meat’ join ASRMC, really does make a big difference to the committee as new senators bring new vibrant ideas.

Another little quick fact that many people don’t know when they apply to be on ASRMC is that you actually get paid a sum of money for acting as a senator per semester.  So why not apply this spring for one of the ASRMC Senate positions? Have your say, put your points across, and gain all the perks of being a senator.

So what happens each Thursday? In the meetings we have students and faculty approach the council for money for different activities throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to come in and make a proposal. The process involves going to the president and scheduling the proposal They then come the next Thursday and present it in front of all of ASRMC. We may ask a few questions, and then we vote on approving or not approving the motion.  ASRMC typically approve proposals 8/10 times.

So what can we approve and what can’t we approve? Firstly, the basis of the approval is that the motion must benefit a number of students and it cannot just be for the benefit of only one student. Secondly, we assess if there is a need for approval. Thirdly, we cannot approve something that is for accommodation, fuel, food, or flights. Therefore, we can only approve fees for registration in certain events. Finally, it is vital that the proposal is detailed with a date of the event, place, approval from the school, and all of the numbers of different costs must be written out precisely. In general we strive to approve anything that is reasonable.

So where does this funding come from and what have we funded this year? Every year the fee that you pay to RMC includes an activities fee, which is pretty minimal (around $65), and this goes to ASRMC to decide on where this money should be used in the school. This year we have funded Outdoor Rec., Rocktivities, The Summit Newspaper, Suit Up!, The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship events, free food in the Cafeteria, the RMC App, and entrance fees to school concerts, plays, and games. We have chartered most of the clubs on campus and funded many different clubs in their activities. Some examples of these include the Magic Club, Debate Team, Equestrian Team, Environmental Club, ASAC (Aviation club), and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Keenan Meyer states “I enjoyed having a say in where and how the money from our student fees are spent, I would like to encourage all students to run for a seat on the Senate or attend our meetings. They are not only influential but fun!”.

Overall, ASRMC works to better the students of Rocky Mountain College and having representatives on the committee that put across all the points of view of the College. We feel that we have made great progress this year in how we have improved the lives of many students both on and off campus.  We hope that this continues for years to come.

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