Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College

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by: Alicia Bravo09_23_16_FINAL-019

The Associated Student of Rocky Mountain College (ASRMC) is the students’ voice at Rocky. It consists of senators who represent each residence hall constituency, off-campus students, minority students, and the student body as a whole. Ultimately, every student is a member of ASRMC because they are part of the RMC community.

09_23_16_FINAL-023This is my third semester as a senator of ASRMC and I believe that we, as a senate, seek to channel concerns and comments that students have about Rocky to the proper people. We communicate with people such as the Academic Vice President and the department chairs to keep everyone updated on what works and what needs improvement. By doing this, Rocky can truly be a college for its students. ASRMC is also in charge of allocating registered students’ activity and publications fees.

Of course ASRMC works to better student life in other ways as well. We approve various club charters so that once chartered, clubs and organizations will be allowed to advertise events/activities, request funds, hold and conduct meetings and conduct business as stated in their charter. We discuss ways to better campus policies, and fund projects such as the drinking fountains with bottle refillers and the Solar Panels on the Bair Family Student Center. By helping with these ideas, ASRMC becomes truly involved with student life. We meet once a week, normally Thursday evenings at 4:30pm in the Selover Board Room.

Many of our senators see this position is an opportunity to get involved in the Rocky community. “Being a senator means being involved on campus, academically and non-academically. It means taking charge of our [the students’] college experience,” says Seth Mulhausen, newly appointed Sophomore Senator.

Being a part of the Senate offers the chance to develop a variety of practical and transferable skills, such as time management, meeting organization, managing a budget, and event planning. A big part of being on the Senate is chartering clubs and approving budgets and proposals.

Why is this important?

You know that $90 student activity fee on your registration bill? The ASRMC Senate determines where those funds should be used in the college. A great responsibility for the senators is to decide if a proposal for funds should be accepted, modified, or denied. Many proposals come from you (the students) in chartered clubs. Chartering clubs is one of the more exciting responsibilities because we get to see the interests and passions of our fellow students. Basically, 09_23_16_FINAL-021if you and four other students are interested in absolutely anything (Knitting, Spongebob, airplanes, etc), you can find a faculty/staff advisor and make a club out of it. Some of our past chartered clubs have been Minecraft Club, Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Club, and Environmental Club. Some current clubs that have chartered with ASRMC are: Rocky Beats (radio station), Rocky Slapshots, and Young Women in Business (YWiB) to name a few.

One of our main goals in the ASRMC Senate is to make sure that everyone is heard. Hailee White, our appointed Freshman Senator, shares: “My personal goal for the Student Senate is to make fair decisions based off what is best for everyone on campus. I joined ASRMC because I love Rocky, and want to participate in a positive way.” As senators, we can sometimes be presented with tough decisions on supporting new or changed policies. Last year, ASRMC voted not to support the new Tobacco Free RMC policy on campus because of the common belief that many students, last semester, had a misconception of the policy.

Returning senator, Isabella Goss, who is also involved in Student for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and Debate says, “My goal for our Student Government is to be able to connect with and meet all the needs of our students, getting more people involved is my main focus this year!” As a sophomore, she gives a unique perspective for the Senate and also makes a great point. All of our meetings are open to the Rocky Community. If you are interested in the process or an issue, please come sit in one of our meetings. To be on the agenda, a request should be sent to the ASRMC email at least 24 hours in advance.

The 2016-2017 AS- RMC Senators consist of Riley Bailey, Layne Britton, Austin Dryer, Bella Goss, Krystal Lira, Seth Mulhausen, Dan Murphy, Wyatt Rodenbough, Nicholas Silvas, Matt Smith, Jacline Warner, Hailee White and me, Alicia Bravo. We are lead by our fearless President, Jack Jennaway.

For more information on what ASRMC is, please re- fer to the By-Laws and Con- stitution which can be found on the Rocky website under “Student Life”>”Dean of Stu- dents”>”ASRMC”

If you have any questions please feel free contact and also like us on Facebook: https://www. dentsofRockyMountainCollege/.

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