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November marks National Novel Writing Month, article by Kayla Solis

The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) has commenced, but it’s not too late to get started. According to, “National Novel Writing Month is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (formerly known as the Office of Letters and Light) that believes your story matters.” NaNoWriMo happens every November of the year. It’s an “internet-based creative writing project [where participants][…]

(Megan's articles) Student leaders work together to complete a challenge at the 2018 leadership summit Photo courtesy of Megan Logan Edited

RMC’s leadership programs need more student involvement, editorial by Megan Logan

While the number of student-athletes at Rocky Mountain College has risen, there has been an unfortunate decrease in students participating in other campus leadership positions. As of late, Rocky has approximately 1100 students enrolled, and of those students, 38 percent are athletes, leaving only about 682 students free of sport commitments to participate in other[…]

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RMC Outdoor Recreation Everest Challenge, feature by Kayla Solis

This fall Rocky Mountain College’s Outdoor Recreation program is introducing their first Everest Challenge throughout the month of November. The Outdoor Recreation program is for people who love the outdoors and are adventurous at heart. Their mission is to “provide recreational programs that challenge the individual and contribute to student wellness.” For the Everest Challenge,[…]


RMC’s President Wilmouth discusses rising tuition at the college, article by Kajlea Richards

Higher education often comes at a high price, and at a private school like Rocky Mountain College, tuition expenses are important. Rocky’s tuition has risen by four percent since last year. According to the RMC website, full-time tuition expenses are $27, 982 a year, this is excluding room and board, along with other fees, which[…]

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RMC’s Black Tie Blue Jeans celebrates 31st anniversary, article by Jocelyn Anderson

Rocky Mountain College’s Black Tie Blue Jeans fundraising event celebrated it’s celebrated its 31st anniversary on Nov. 2. This event provides RMC with the opportunity to express gratitude to various donors of the college as well as raise money for student scholarships. Rocky prides itself on supplying quality education for all students. Although tuition at[…]

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RMC counselor will debut his first children’s book, article by Sue Lawrence

Career changes can occur at any age and stage in life, and one Rocky Mountain College senior illustrates that point full well. Thirty-nine-year-old Edward Tanzosh — often known as “Eddie” — is a nontraditional student who’s transitioned from Army veteran to Alaskan police officer to published children’s book illustrator. He will graduate in the spring[…]

Ridge Fuentes

Former student athlete discusses RMC’s impact on his life, article by Preston Davenport

The Summit wants to commemorate those who came before us, and see how their time at Rocky Mountain College has affected their lives since graduation. Ridge Fuentes is a Rocky Mountain College alumni and student-athlete who arrived at RMC in 2009 and graduated in 2013. Q: What did you primarily do/study in your time at[…]


Ryniker-Morrison gallery presents ‘A Showcase to Genius’, article by Kyla Fortner

“It’s more than just a mundane experience,” said Helen Tolliver, director of the Ryniker-Morrison gallery, while talking about constructing artwork. “It’s the work of the hands, the works of the soul,” she continued. While the nature of art is subjective, many would argue that true art possesses an immersive quality that captures the viewer’s interest[…]

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How the Eaton family founded Rocky Mountain College, article by Roman Jones

The history of Rocky Mountain College is a tale of three schools, one fateful earthquake, and two brothers who wanted to educate the youth of Montana. In honor of RMC’s 140th anniversary, English professor Jacquee Dundas spoke about her grandfather, Lewis Eaton, his brother Ernest Eaton, and how their story is inexorably tied to Rocky’s.[…]