Badluck Way: Interview with Bryce Andrews

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Issue_6_12_1_15_Updated-078By Abby Kernahan –

The Common Read book for all freshman at Rocky Mountain College this year is called Badluck Way by Bryce Andrews. Bad Luck Way is a book that tells many adventures about a young man who works on a ranch in the beautiful mountains of Montana. He goes through his teenage years by spending his summers learning and getting the chance to experience the culture and wildlife that Montana has to offer. His adventures were so inspiring and so Issue_6_12_1_15_Updated-076detailed it made me want to read his book over and over again.

I had the wonderful chance to interview Bryce Andrews after he gave his keynote address for the Common Read.I asked him a couple of questions to get to know his background and why he chose to write this incredible book.

1.)What had prompted you to write the book Bad Luck Way ?

Issue_6_12_1_15_Updated-077“To write such a rare book seemed like a great chance for me to tell the world my story about working on the Sun Ranch. I love to tell stories, I have this certain way that I process certain things to it gets me to tell them in an emotional way to tell different things.”

2.) Do your parents support your choice of your work?

“Yes! My parents have always supported me with my choice of work 100%.”

Issue_6_12_1_15_Updated-0753.)How long have you been a rancher?

“I have been a rancher for about 10 years now!”

4.)If you had the chance would you go back and work on the Sun Ranch ?

“Yes, I would go back to work on the Sun Ranch if they would still continue to make a better way to live on the land with the predators.”

Issue_6_12_1_15_Updated-0735.) Would you ever plan on moving out of Montana to the city life again ?

“No, I would stay in Montana. I love being involved in the natural world in the state here.”

6.) Would you ever want to write another book and publish it ?

“ Yes of course! I just finished writing another book actually. It’s a fictional book this time!” If anyone has anymore questions for Bryce Andrews his email is

.All RMC students are encouraged to submit their original essay on BadLuck Way for the Common Read Essay Award. Just turn in your essay to one of the English faculty members by December 4, 2015. You might even win a cash award!


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