Battling of the operating systems, article by Eric Monroe

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With cell phones playing such a major role in modern life, most people would agree it is good to know the pros and cons of the two major operating systems so you know which phone to get next, or at least what makes your phone great. Arguably the two most signi cant operating systems on the market are Android and iOS. The prior is open sourced and great for the consumer who wants total control over their phone. The latter is more proprietary and is good for consumers who want their phone to act the same as other phones. This is great for businesses as it saves IT time.4_12_16-011

The biggest issue with Android is that Google, (the company that makes the system) lets individual manufacturers make different phones that each run a different version of the operating system. This means your friends probably don’t have the same operating system, so though you all may be running Android, your friends may be able to get some apps that you can’t. Also, Google will have a much more difficult time troubleshooting your phone should it malfunction. If you have issues understanding how to use your phone often, you may want to consider avoiding Android.

The biggest flaw with iOS is that the system is very proprietary. This means a number of things, primarily that it will not pair well with your Windows PC or even some Bluetooth devices. The phones also require you to use a special charger, so most of the time you won’t be able to borrow a charger from your friend. For people that enjoy customization and making their phone do what want it to, iPhones limit this ability. They claim it helps prevent the phone from being hacked, yet iPhones are hacked frequently.

Alhough they have these issues, each system also has it strengths. Android’s greatest strength is superb personalization. You can change everything, from the permissions you give your apps to the splash screen displayed as the phone turns on. It is also free, so manufacturers can make a phone of cheap plastic that everyone can afford platinum plating the top 1% to show off their wealth. They can also modify the system so that it is unique to their product.

The greatest part of iOS is that Apple genuinely cares about their customers’ privacy. In fact, they are currently fighting the FBI over the privacy of their customers. Most cell phones, especially iPhones, are encrypted. This means in order for someone to pull data from the phone they have to solve a complicated puzzle. The FBI wants Apple to create a back door to their phones so that they can better prosecute a criminal. Unfortunately, this would involve making all iPhones easy to hack. Apple is taking a stand for the sake of all their customers. Although Google may have done the same thing if the need arose, the individual manufacturers may not. iPhones are also very uniform with each other. This allows Apple to provide better customer service. This makes iPhones great for businesses and people who struggle to use their phone often.

As you can see, both operating systems have unique strengths and weaknesses. You should now be better equipped to pick the best phone for your needs.

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