Billings She Wolves tear into new season, column, photo courtesy of Alicia Bravo

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Many Montana natives may remember The Outlaws Indoor Football League (IFL), one of the few professional football teams that represented Billings on the national scale. They were also two-time defending champions. The team was dismantled in 2010 when the devastating tornado tore down the Rimrock Auto Arena at MetraPark Arena, home of the famous Outlaws. Five years later, Billings has once again joined the IFL with a new team name – the Billings Wolves. This is the Billings Wolves second season back in the IFL.4_12_16-026

With this new sports team comes the opportunity for a new Dance Team. The Billings She Wolves is a group of diverse women that represent the women of Billings. There are a total of eight dancers, three dancers are from Rocky Mountain College: me, Laura Boulay, and Alicia Weitz.

Laura Boulay has a cheer and dance background that beings much to the table, as many influential people in Billings at these games. “I had no idea that I would end up being on a semi-professional dance team,” she said of Wolves team. “The coaches are positive and very encouraging, which is very different than what I am used to [from previous teams].”

As for myself, I love being a part of something that accepts you for your talents, and not just your waistline. We are a group that represents a diverse range of women. This year, I am the choreographer for the team. Our captain has battled cancer and has worked as a character dancer for Six Flags, most dancers have full time jobs, and then there are three of us actively involved RMC students. Yet, we all make time to come together to perform the amazing art of dance. When I decided to come to RMC, I was afraid I would be missing out  on the opportunity to dance for over 17 years. The She Wolves have filled this void and have brought me to meet this amazing group of women.

Alicia Weitz can contend, “I love that we’re not like every other dance teams, we’re diverse, and we each bring our own individuality to the team.” With high hopes for a great season, Billings will once again enjoy the entertainment Indoor Football brings to the community from the high action athletes on the field to the talented dancers that also share the field.

You can follow the Billings Wolves and She Wolves on Facebook and Instagram.

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