Financial Aid urges you to reapply for financial aid

“By Jessica Francischetti” Did you know you have to reapply for financial aid every year? It’s time to reapply for financial aid now if you will be attending Rocky Mountain College for the 2020-21 academic year. It’s simple and the forms are available on RMC’s website. Go to > Admissions & Aid > Financial Aid[…]

An overview of the RMC fall sports teams

“By Tanja Staben” Sports are a big part of the American society, especially at the college level. It helps the athletes develop specific character traits like fairness, friendliness, team spirit, as well as physical and mental toughness. When looking at sports in relation to academics, it is believed that students achieve more academically if they[…]

RMC soccer teams feature sibling pairs

“By Nicky Litherland” Rocky Mountain College’s soccer program has a unique sibling pair on both the men’s and women’s rosters. For the first time in the program’s history, there are two sets of siblings spread across the two rosters. In both cases, the older sister is on the women’s team while the younger brother plays[…]

Lowell Jaeger prompts audience to think in 2019 Keynote Address

“By Megan Logan” Lowell Jaeger’s braid, which falls below his beltline, is a result of not cutting his hair for 51 years. That is almost as long as he’s been teaching and writing. According to Jaeger, his hair has gone in and out of style three times, yet his work remains in fashion. Rocky Mountain[…]

RMC and MSUB team up for ‘Give-A-Ton’ food drive

“By Jocelyn Anderson” Rocky Mountain College Director of Alumni Relations Sarah Clark, Montana State University Billings Director of Alumni Relations Gillette Vaira, and a variety of other shave been working since May planning an event called Give-A-Ton. They had been brainstorming event ideas since October 2018 to find a way to promote collaboration between RMC[…]