Too Many Issues, Not Enough Time: A Political Cheat Sheet

By Margaret Klein – Gun Control- Bernie Sanders: is in favor of banning types of semi-automatic weapons, instant background checks, and closing the “gun show loophole.” Hillary Clinton: would introduce comprehensive federal background check legislation, close the “Gun Show Loophole,” repeal the gun industry’s immunity protection, revoke licenses of bad-actor dealers, fight to keep guns out of the[…]


Student Spotlight

Q&A By Kyra Hudson – Name: David Jurovich From: Pocatello, Idaho Year: Sophomore Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Sport/hobby: Head Male Cheerleader Why did you choose to come to Rocky? I came to Rocky because it is a great school, and it also runs in the family. My parents both went here and enjoyed it. What kind of music do[…]


It’s Time to Talk Mental Health

By Michaela Shifley – The national conversation about mental health has usually been one involving blame, ridicule, and shame. It wasn’t until semi-recently, with the introduction of singer Demi Lovato’s new “Be Vocal: Speak Up For Mental Health” initiative, that we are finally starting a serious discussion about the stigma that many people with mental illnesses face. I can’t[…]

Q&A with RMC Facilities

By Kobi Hudson – What does RMC facilities have on its agenda for this year? The Facilities Services department anticipates supporting a number of projects and topics this year. Most immediately, the Tutoring Center in the north end of the ERC will go under construction within the next month. Another project on the horizon includes[…]

Alumni Relations Program Strives to Reconnect with Past RMC Graduates

By David Fejeran – If there’s anything that can be said about Rocky Mountain College, it’s that it’s a community that is by no means restricted to a mere city block campus. RMC students continually work alongside and within the Billings community, using the skills they learn at school to improve the lives of others. Some do this after[…]