RMC Volleyball Success

By: Brandon Keim – In the past year, Rocky Mountain College’s Volleyball team was nothing less than a well-trained and an experienced group of players and coaches. The team overall went 32-3, while winning 31 straight matches. We caught up with four of the key players who played major roles on the team: Ahlea Bilis,[…]

Computer Science as Art

By: Tucker Downs – “At its core, art is human expression,” according to Mark Moak, a professor of the art program here at Rocky. I have been wondering lately what art is and whether or not computer scientists are doing it. Certainly there are some computer scientists creating art in traditional mediums. RMC’s newest CS[…]

The App Review: Yo

By: Shadya Jarecke – “Yo. It’s that simple.” The app Yo, free for IOS and Android, does exactly what its name implies. Users of Yo are able to send an automated voice message which says, “Yoyo.” Created and released in a total of eight hours on April Fools of 2014, the app originated as a joke.[…]