photo by Jessica Drake

New RMC Coffee Kiosk Opens

By: Jessica Drake – There is a new coffee spot on campus for thirsty students, late night study groups, or students who just need a coffee break: the Rocky Roasters coffee kiosk. The original project started last year when Rocktivities, which organizes student on-campus activities, experimented with the idea of having a coffee shop on campus. The Rocktivities staff liked the idea[…]

A Not So Common Read

By: Emma King – Renowned author Sherman Alexie will be joining the RMC community at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 23, in the Fortin Education Center to share social perspectives and put a capstone on the 2014 Common Read Program. The Common Read is all about “a shared reading experience,” according to the Rocky website.[…]

Within Your Power

By: Emma King – Responsibility. It’s a big word, smacks of scarier words like “commitment” and “obligation,” and yet, it’s not something you can really put your finger on. What exactly is responsibility, really? gives one definition of responsibility as “moral, legal, or mental accountability,” but even accountability is confusing and still a little[…]