Ryniker-Morrison gallery presents ‘A Showcase to Genius’, article by Kyla Fortner

“It’s more than just a mundane experience,” said Helen Tolliver, director of the Ryniker-Morrison gallery, while talking about constructing artwork. “It’s the work of the hands, the works of the soul,” she continued. While the nature of art is subjective, many would argue that true art possesses an immersive quality that captures the viewer’s interest[…]

BW-Eaton Brothers

How the Eaton family founded Rocky Mountain College, article by Roman Jones

The history of Rocky Mountain College is a tale of three schools, one fateful earthquake, and two brothers who wanted to educate the youth of Montana. In honor of RMC’s 140th anniversary, English professor Jacquee Dundas spoke about her grandfather, Lewis Eaton, his brother Ernest Eaton, and how their story is inexorably tied to Rocky’s.[…]

Color-Science Building

Rocky’s occupational therapy program begins in the spring, article by Kayla Solis

Rocky Mountain College’s new Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program is scheduled to begin this upcoming spring semester. Dr. Twylla Kirchen, director of the program, spoke out about the preparations made and goals for the future of occupational therapy in Montana. Before a doctorate program can become official, it needs to be accredited through two[…]


Montana AFSP Chapter hosts the “Walk to Fight Suicide”, article by Preston Davenport

Despite living in one of the safest periods in human history, rates of depression and suicide among the population continue to grow. And we are not sure of the root cause of this. Media outlets rarely cover this difficult subject. Due to how common suicide incidents have become nationwide, suicide is something that should be[…]


The Benefits of RMC’s Services for Academic Success, Editorial by Jocelyn Anderson

Rocky Mountain College prides itself on providing programs that lead to unique opportunities for students. One particular program that stands out from the rest is Services for Academic Success, commonly known as SAS. This program plays an outstanding role on Rocky’s campus by granting resources for many students. These include cultural vouchers, scholarships, workshops, and[…]


Spotlight on Melody Benes: An RMC single mother, feature by Roman Jones

“I left an abusive husband on Father’s Day,”said Melody Benes, a Rocky Mountain College freshman. Benes, 26, came to Rocky Mountain College in 2010 after graduating from high school in Roundup. She dropped out before finishing her first semester, but has returned eight years later determined to complete her formal education. Benes is currently majoring[…]


RMC English and Theatre join forces for Common Read, article by Roman Jones

The true story of female factory workers who developed radiation poisoning is the focus for this year’s Common Read and First Year Experience programs. Rocky Mountain College has selected “The Radium Girls,” by Kate Moore, as required reading for all freshman English courses. “The Radium Girls” is a detailed account of the women who were[…]

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Rocky ribbon cutting coincides with 140th anniversary, article by Roman Jones

“It’s the best, state of the art science laboratory building in the state; no question about it,” said Rocky Mountain College President Bob Wilmouth while discussing the new science building. On Aug. 22, RMC performed a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially unveil the Dr. Charles Morledge Science Building. While the lower level of the new[…]


Rocky Fit helps members of RMC lead a healthier life, article by Cheyenne Lira

Every year hundreds of people make new year’s resolutions that revolve around implementing a healthier lifestyle. According to an article published by, the top New Year’s resolution of 2017 was losing weight or eating healthier, but only 9.2 percent of people would actually stick with their resolution throughout the year. About a month before[…]


Ryniker-Morrison hosts its last art show of the school year, article by Kajlea Richards

Ryniker-Morrison Gallery will be hosting its final art show of the school year from April 19 to May 5. The Exhibit, dubbed “The Horse,” will feature works by artists such as Sonja Caywood, Jerry Cornelia, Tina DeWeese, Allen Knows His Gun, Beth Lee, Elyssa Leininger, Ivan Long, Brooke Moore, Carol Spielman, Sue Tirrell and Kelly[…]


RMC Hosts Irish National Champions in Stunning Debate, article by Sierra Hentges

On April 6, a debate between Rocky Mountain College students and Ireland’s National Debate champions was hosted in Prescott’s Great Hall. Long-time debate director Shelby Jo Long-Hammond started off the evening with brief remarks on the culture of debate. Long-Hammond noted that debate at RMC has had a long history dating back to the 1950s.[…]


RMC students advocate for the art mural they created, article by Megan Logan

Rocky Mountain College prides itself on student involvement and the many opportunities it provides on campus. Given this attitude, it seems odd that we don’t have any student art permanently displayed on campus. One student wants to change this. Ryn Haaversen, a junior, recently put together a collaborative mural on display in the Student Union[…]


RMC prepares for annual commencement ceremony, column by Nicolas Cordero

Rocky Mountain College will hold its 137th annual commencement ceremony Saturday, May 5 in the Fortin Education Center at 1 p.m. All students, friends, family, faculty and staff are invited to attend. According to Associate Registrar Kyle Pratt, there are currently 161 students approved to participate in May Commencement ceremonies. Of those students, 26 are[…]