The most endangered species in North America, Feature by student contributor Jessica Meeker

Rocky Mountain College’s students were given the opportunity to help spotlight and capture the most endangered mammal species in North America: the black-footed ferret. Working on a wildlife ecology class, RMC students, led by Professor Kayhan Ostovar, went to the American Prairie Reserve (APR) in Eastern Montana, to help take down fences as well as[…]


Non-profit provides free service animals to veterans, feature by Kajlea Richards

Every year Dr. Ashlynn Reynolds-Dyk’s professional writing class works one on one with a charity foundation. This year Dr. Reynolds-Dyk has chosen an organization from Shepherd, Dog Tag Buddies, which helps veterans receive service animals at no charge. DeeDe Baker started the organization when her “ husband returned from his 18-month deployment to Iraq,” and[…]


Betsy DeVos: College students and Higher Education, column by Nicolas Cordero

Millions of college students will likely be affected by budget cuts and proposed policies from the current Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. On April 12, the Trump administration withdrew a guidance that protected borrowers of student loans and established customer service guarantees. The Obama-era guidance was issued by former Education Secretary John B. King Jr. and[…]


Young immigrants on edge after DACA repeal, column by Cheyenne Lira

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been in the spotlight for three weeks now. There is currently talk about a bipartisan agreement being composed to satisfy both political parties.  The topic hits home for me because it reminds me of one of my talented best friends, Ellie Virrueta. Her artwork is displayed, along[…]


RMC approves new cross country budget, sports article by Carrie Cota

When three different sports are sharing one budget, funding competitive programs can get complicated. Until recently, Rocky Mountain College’s cross country, indoor track & field, and outdoor track & field teams have been under one budget. RMC officially has a track & field team now with a whole new budget, which means bigger opportunities; including[…]


Student TAs are added to the FYE program, feature by Cheyenne Lira

Before the First Year Experience (FYE) program came to Rocky Mountain College, Campus Compass was a required course for all freshman. It has been two years since the Campus Compass program was revamped and made into the First Year Experience program. While FYE is a newer program to Rocky, it still has similarities to Campus[…]


Construction for science building overcomes delays, article by Copy Editor Roman Jones

Rocky Mountain College’s new science building will be ready to open its doors in January 2018. The construction process has taken longer than expected, but now the project is on track to be finalized by the start of spring semester. In an interview, RMC President Bob Wilmouth stated, “The [new] science building will be finished[…]


Anxiety and social media overwhelms students, editorial by Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Cordero

Anxiety as a college student can be overwhelming. Experiencing anxiety can make you feel powerless to the extent of debilitating the physical body. School has officially started, reading assignments are adding up, homework multiplies daily, papers are due, tests start coming up, practices begin to take a toll, work hours get longer and bills get[…]

Young students learn how to use microscopes with help from Dr. Megan Poulette of the environmental science
department. Photos courtesy of Ayla Grandpre.

Girls unite for science at Girls-n-Science event, article by student contributor Ayla Grandpre

Great things can happen when scientists in the community get together to reach out to young minds, especially at a science fair. Girls- n- Science is an annual public event featuring booths run by scientists and business people around the Billings area. This year the event took place at MSU-B and was geared towards encouraging[…]

Dr. Julie Beicken and Terran Borwn presenting on substance abuse
preventation in Native american youth. Photo by Nicolas Cordero.

RMC hosts Art and Science Research Symposium, article by Copy Editor Roman Jones

Last month, Rocky Mountain College celebrated the 4th Annual Art & Science Research Symposium on campus. The symposium was composed of multiple presentations of undergraduate and faculty conducted research ranging from topics such as viral causes of fish tumors in Montana waterways to studies on substance abuse prevention with Native American youth. The event was[…]