Dear Green & Gold: What should I expect from finals week?

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Green Says:
For those who have never been through a finals week at RMC, or a finals week in general, it can seem intimidating. Luckily, Rocky has a pretty set schedule of what to expect during the week.
This year’s finals week will be Dec. 9-13, falling a week later than returning students have experienced in years past. The finals schedule is available on the Rocky website for those who want to double-check when their finals are, though upon looking at the.
Now ignoring the boring stuff about testing, let’s talk about what makes finals week ‘Bear’able.
The Sunday leading into finals week students can par- take in the late-night study breakfast hosted in the cafeteria. The breakfast begins at 10 p.m. and is well worth the line that stretches through
the sub. The following Monday there will be a cookie table, hello stress eating, and there’ are also Ruff-Relief Comfort Dogs in the Selover Board Room from 11 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. Dogs will also be available on Tuesday, at the same time, in the same place.
During finals week, make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Sleep is important, eating is important, and unwinding is important.
Your grades on your exams don’t define you, your grade in a class does not define you; just try your best and then go from there.
Gold Says:
Call me crazy… but finals week is my favorite week of the semester. It isn’t like a midterm week where you have full days of classes on top of taking tests. Finals week is just showing up for your designated final times throughout the week, conquering those finals for two hours, and breathing a sigh of relief as you walk out of the classroom.

One of my favorite things I do that helps me during finals week is going to a coffee shop to just study study study. I honestly don’t know what I would do without some caffeine, the delicious smell of coffee, listening to calming, coffee house music, and preparing for my exams.
There is something about a coffee shop atmosphere that is so comforting to me. It forces me to not lie in bed and binge-watch “The Office,” “New Girl,” or “Scrubs.” Being in a setting like that forces me to get things done.
The other thing that I love to do is to end my day during finals week with a destress time. For me, it usually looks like face masks, painting my nails, mindful meditation (I use the app Headspace, which talks you through ten-minute meditation sessions), and baking desserts. Other people like to play their favorite video games, go play sports, go out to dinner, go spend time with their friends, and so much more. Whatever it is that you want to do, just get all of your studying done first so that you can actually enjoy the rest of your day and night.
The final thing that I will leave you with is to PLEASE eat breakfast, drink water, and sleep. You’re going to be miserable during the exams if you don’t do those three things. Know that I am rooting for you! No matter how the tests go, I am proud of you.
Student prepares for exams. Photo courtesy of College Info Geek.

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