Discussing the RMC bookstore with Marian Green, article by Megan Logan

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Green poses next to textbook. Photo by Avery Frazier.

Green poses next to textbook. Photo by Avery Frazier.


A common misconception about Rocky Mountain College’s bookstore is that its textbooks are too expensive. The fact of the matter is, textbooks are going to be expensive no matter where we look. Bookstore manager Marian Green wants to make sure that we are getting all of the benefits from the bookstore that we possibly can.

“There has been for a long time this perception, and the perception was based on reality for awhile, where books [from the bookstore] were more expensive than other sources. That gap is changing; however, people still have that perception of the bookstore. ‘Oh this is way more expensive, I’ll just go online and look somewhere else.’”

A great feature of the bookstore is the price match program. If students are contemplating buying their book elsewhere because they have found a cheaper alternative online, they can bring that price into the store.

While the price match program does not bring the cost of the book down to the cheaper price, students are given a bookstore giftcard with the amount difference on the card. The gift card can be redeemed during a later purchase; meaning a book bought at the last minute can be cheaper with the gift card.

Some restrictions with the price match program are in place. Eligible retailers to price match with include: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other local campus competitors.

Green feels for students and wishes there was a way to better communicate the pros of the bookstore.

“My question is always,” said Green, “how do I get that word out to students? To have them check out the bookstore, or go online [at the bookstore website].”

“The bookstore — we’re the college’s first source for textbooks.,” said Green.

“So nobody has to wait till day one of classes to find out what their booklist is [going to be]. The professors are required by contract to give the bookstore their list of books for the term.”

“So whatever books are listed on the bookstore website for a particular class are the books that the professors are going to use,” continued Green.

“It’s part of our contract with the campus to make sure that the Higher Education Opportunity Act is enforced and we’re compliant with that. That’s part of making sure we are providing that information to students,” Green said.

Senior Melody Snyder said, “I almost never get my books at the bookstore. They are way cheaper online at Chegg. The only time I get books there is when a professor has a unique book that only the bookstore has. But, being able to buy other supplies, snacks, and Rocky gear there is nice and convenient.”

A piece of advice from Green is for students to look at renting their books instead of purchasing them.

“Kids need to look at rental. Absolutely look at rental. I’m surprised at the number of people who don’t do rental. You can highlight in a book, you can write in the book, you can underline in the book, you can use it like your own it, just return it by the end of the term in good condition for the next student. It’s the most affordable way to get a book,” said Green.

The easiest way to make sure students have the correct book is to check with the bookstore we have on campus. There are so many added bonuses to the bookstore that students will never know about if they only ever order online or go elsewhere.

To see the full FAQ on the price match program, or for more information, visit the bookstore website or stop in the store.


Photo by Avery Frazier.

Photo by Avery Frazier.

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