Don’t Resist, Send a ‘Kist: RMC Enactus team raises funds for competition, article by Hope Bradley, photo by Patrick Wenzel

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The RMC Enactus team is currently fundraising in order to travel to a regional competition in Bentonville, Arkansas, in April 2016. With success at regionals, the team hopes to continue to the national competition in St. Louis, Missouri, in May 2016. Members of the well-known campus business club will be fundraising by selling cans of the popular orange flavored soda, Sunkist, in the Bair Family Student Center from 11am – 1pm, Monday, February 8 through Friday, February 12. Students will be able to purchase cans of Sunkist to be delivered to roommates, friends, or even crushes for Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14.

Summit7-008Each can of Sunkist will be available to purchase for $1. There will also be an option of sending it anonymously and/or with a personal message for an additional $1 charge. Once purchased, each can of Sunkist will be delivered to any student currently living on campus, through their personal mailbox, in the Bair Family Student Center. For students who live on campus, cans of Sunkist can be delivered to them by Enactus members during class periods if an accurate time is provided, along with the place where they will be located. Alternatively, students can simply purchase the can of Sunkist and give it to their crushes themselves. RMC student Candis Cope said, “I think ‘Don’t Resist, Send a ‘Kist’ is a great fundraiser that all students can get involved with. We had a similar fundraiser at my high school, which proved to be very successful.”

Enactus is using ENtrepreneurial ACTion to create a better world for US all. rough Enactus, members are given the opportunity to use the skills they have learned in the classroom and apply them to real life situations, all while helping their local community. Karen Beiser, business professor described the international, non-profit collegiate organization, saying, “Enactus is a very different type of course where students take the lead on projects that can make our community a better place while learning valuable business and leadership skills. Our team has historically done very well at competitions, and I know this year’s team will shine as well. I fully expect us to get a Regional Champion trophy in April, which will lead to our travels to the national competition in May. The ‘Don’t Resist, Send a ‘Kist’ fundraiser is a great way to help support your RMC Enactus team!”

National competitions are held across 36 countries to showcase how students from across the world are transforming lives for the better and enabling progress through entrepreneurial action. Business leaders will serve as judges in order to evaluate the quality and impact of each individual team’s projects. These events aim to inspire and encourage creativity, while rewarding results, ultimately improving more lives. Enactus believes, “When we compete to improve lives, we all win.” At this year’s competition the RMC Enactus team will present four projects: “Rock Slam,” “Suit Up,” “Work Force Women” and “Broken Glass to Working Class,” for which the team recently won a $25,000 grant. As an additional fundraiser, the RMC Enactus team also prints and sells their own Rocky apparel, so look out for their upcoming spring sales for great discounts on Rocky gear.

Not only is Enactus a business club on campus but it also serves as a two-credit class. If you are interested in becoming a member of the team and getting involved in order to help your local community, you can contact Karen Beiser, in Morledge-Kimball Hall, room 105 or any member of the Enactus team for more information. You can also keep up to date with the team’s progress on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

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