Enactus Launches Student Run Hot Dog Stand, Article By Nicolas Cordero

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Students will be able to satisfy their cravings for a delicious hot dog when Fun in a Bun opens at Rocky Mountain College.

Fun in a Bun is a hot dog stand that will soon be open at RMC, thanks to the work of the Enactus team, a multinational business organization focused on college students, entrepreneurship, and sustainable solutions.

The Enactus chapter started in 2012 and currently has 13 members. Karen Beiser is the teacher and club advisor for Enactus. While Beiser organizes and manages the team’s projects, her most important task is to take obstacles out of the way for students. Making the hot dog cart a reality was a collaborative work from Beiser and students.

“It’s our responsibility to have positive change in our community,” said Beiser. “That’s what we are about. That’s why we exist.”

Enactus is not only a club, but also a class in which students can earn school credits.

“You can take the class 4 times, which is 2 credits per semester.” said Beiser. “4 out of those 8 can count as upper-division credits.”

The only two possible prerequisites for the class are introduction to business, or principles of economics.

Enactus is designed  differently than a traditional class or club at RMC. The focus is on the students leading and making decisions on their own.

“This is a student led organization,” said Beiser. “I don’t lecture. There are no tests or books. It’s about students making decisions and solving problems. My job in Enactus is to get obstacles out the way.”

According to the national Enactus website, the organization invests in students who take entrepreneurial action for others because it creates a better world for us all.

Junior Andraz Reich Pogladic, the vice president of sales for Enactus, has been a main participant in creating Fun in a Bun.

IMG_2909Director of sales for Enactus, Susan Becks, found a used hot dog cart near Bozeman and helped rebrand it into Fun in a Bun.

Pogladic is a RMC student studying business management and a member of the ski team. Pogladic, a native of Slovenia, was appointed to use his vision for the hot dog cart because of his previous experience with street food vending.  

“I was ready to get a real world business experience,” said Reich Pogladic. “Enactus helped me with networking skills and exactly how to make business connections.

The Enactus team is considering locating Fun in a Bun downtown on Thursday nights and on weekends from 10p.m. until 2a.m. in order to create revenue outside of campus. The cost of one hot dog, a bag of chips, and a drink is $4. Two hot dogs, a bag of chips, and a drink is $5. Fun in a Bun offers a frequent buyer card and after your fourth hot dog meal, the fifth one is free.

“It might be a really lucrative market,” said Beiser. “We might be supplementing our location outside of campus.”

Pogladic commented that thanks to the book “Hot Dogs Saved our Lives,” he and his team understand the system behind the making and selling of hot dogs.

According to Beiser, ‘Fun in a Bun’ could not be possible without the help of Sodexo.

“They have been awesome. They have given us tips and advice on how to approach things,” said Beiser.

The cultural differences between Slovenia and Montana are not an issue for Pogladic and his vision with Fun in a Bun.

“I have traveled a lot with skiing and I’m familiar with different cultures so I was used to it,” said Pogladic. “I like to explore different cultures and I embrace the difference. If anything is different I look at it from the positive side.”

The revenue created by Fun in a Bun will help Enactus members pay for their travel and competition fees. Every year, Enactus teams from all over the country present  innovative and sustainable projects in front of business professionals. In the past,RMC Enactus teams  reached fifth place in the national competitions for their creative sustainable projects.

“I fundamentally believe we are going to make more money than we need,” said Beiser. “The goal is to establish an Enactus scholarship.”

Fun in a Bun will be open soon and will communicate with their clients via social media.

For more information and schedule times visit Fun in a Bun RMC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @rmcfuninabun.

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