For the love of math, feature by Student Contributor Ayla Grandpre

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I know, your eyes are probably starting to twitch reading the word “math,” but it doesn’t have to be so nerve racking. Everyone uses math every day, and there are times when it is even enjoyed. For example, adding up a paycheck, or subtracting the days until the semester is over. So why does math, or math class, have to be so intimidating? Well, they don’t. Rocky Mountain College’s own Math Club is showing another angle to math (pun intended).

Kayla Moreno and Professor Ulrich Hoensch work on a math problem. Photo courtesy of Ayla Grandpre

Kayla Moreno and Professor Ulrich Hoensch work on a math problem. Photo courtesy of Ayla Grandpre

Going to an array of different conferences and competitions shows how realistic and enjoyable doing math can really be. Last year’s competition was in Helena and the conference was in Corvallis, Oregon. The annual Helena competition is a 24 hour math modeling competition. It is better than it sounds. Basically students work with each other to solve a real world problem, more than just math skills are used. So really any person can be a part. Each competition has its own perks and prizes, and is a great way to travel with your school.

Club president Anthony Monterrosa stated the benefit of having this great club at Rocky, “Math club gives students who are curious about upper-level math the chance to explore developing topics at regional meetings and conferences, and gives new students a look at fun topics and staff that can answer any questions they have.”

Math Club also does a variety of activities at their weekly meetings. A couple of the club’s ways to incorporate math into everyday scenarios include testing solid rocket motors and fascinating brain teasers. To honor the end of the semester, and to make sure everyone actually eats during finals week, the semi-annual pizza party brings everyone together in celebration of the club’s accomplishments.

Aside from all the great activities, fundraising also plays a big role. Bake sales and bike raffles help give great prizes and treats to the College community. Current club member Cassandra Cook says, “I promise it’s not boring. We get to test rockets and act out actual math problems. It’s fun!”

The club meets at 3 on Tuesdays in Bair 102. For the love of math, come join.

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