Former student athlete discusses RMC’s impact on his life, article by Preston Davenport

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The Summit wants to commemorate those who came before us, and see how their time at Rocky Mountain College has affected their lives since graduation.

Ridge Fuentes is a Rocky Mountain College alumni and student-athleteRidge Fuentes who arrived at RMC in 2009 and graduated in 2013.

Q: What did you primarily do/study in your time at Rocky Mountain College?

A: I started in 2009 as an Education major. I changed my major to exercise science during my junior year and I ended up graduating in 2013 with a degree in Exercise Science, a minor in Health Studies, and a minor in Coaching.

Q: How has Rocky Mountain College impacted your life and career?

A: It has helped me develop relationships professionally, which helped me overcome the scenarios of not having opportunities. When I graduated from Rocky, I did not have much guidance as far as internships. But luckily the relationships I built paved the way for me. My athletic director at the time, Bobby Beers, is the primary reason of the position I have today, which has nothing to do with my major believe it or not. I am a salesman, project manager and estimator for TriJack architectural products company. I have been doing that for the last two years. Unless they ask me to leave, I plan on working there for a long time.

Q: What was Rocky like when you were a student, and how has it changed since you graduated?

A: When I was on campus as a student, it was a friendly family type of environment, being that all the student athletes were so tight-knit. I see the campus changing with the new science building and the renovation of the football field. The college is in good hands now, and they seem to be pushing it in the right direction. Alumni are getting more involved and the community has rallied around the college a bit more.

Q: How do you stay involved with the college and the Billings community?

A: I join numerous groups and I try to volunteer. I am in a group called “Leadership Billings,” a group called “NextGen,” and I am a trustee to a scholarship. I try to stay caught up with athletics, especially the football program at Rocky. And I try to live an active, fit lifestyle to help be more outgoing.

Rocky Mountain College alumni are everywhere in the Billings community. Students can take advantage of mentorship programs that help them find a sense of direction, like the students before them. It is exciting to see what the future holds for Rocky Mountain College as everyone watches it become more of a staple to the community of Billings.

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