Horrifying Video Games You’ve never Heard of – Until Now

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By Caiden Kiedrowski –

Halloween may be over with, but for those of you who are still itching to satiate your hunger for horror, I have a list of eerie, unsettling games for you. Whether you play or watch playthroughs, these games will make all but the most hardcore horror enthusiasts feel uneasy. Most of these games may be a bit obscure, but they are excellently made, and guaranteed to fill your nightmares with fresh subjects.

The first horrific game you have likely never heard of is ‘Don’t Starve’. While not exactly the most horrific, this game’s Tim Burton-esque art style, macabre content, and snarky reminders of your inevitable demise keep you on the edge of your seat. As the name implies, the goal of the game is to avoid starving in a childhood nightmare of a forest. Everything from giant spiders to your own insanity-born hallucinations try to kill you. The morose, drab atmosphere of the game really adds to the depressing fact that your only goal in the game is to post-pone your own starvation for as long as you can.

The next bit of digital nightmare fuel I would recommend to you is titled ‘Knock Knock’. In this game, you play as an insomniac who is constantly harassed by his seemingly never ending nightmares. Cryptic clues in the game hint at a horrifying story leading up to the events of the game, and the further you progress the more difficult it is to discern the waking world from the world of nightmares. The eerie art style and subtle sound cues make this game unnerving, and hard to play or watch at night.  

As far as story based horror goes, this next one takes the cake. ‘Year Walk’ is a computer and mobile device game that is loosely based on the old Swedish tradition called “Årsgång”. Disturbing graphics and cryptic storyline information make the game lull you into a sense of relative ease while you struggle through puzzles. As the game picks up though, the once serene, charming art style of the game contorts the world into a realm of nightmares. You end up feeling distrustful of everything and everyone, and you certainly will begin to think twice about ever going out in a blizzard again.

The games so far have been relatively recent, so I would like to recommend an old classic that was remastered some time ago. ’Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly’ is a Japanese game that is assuredly, one of the most terrifying horror games ever made. Imagine the scariest ghost movie you have ever seen. Every time a ghost rears it’s ugly head, you jump and avert your eyes right? This sadistic game requires you to sit still and photograph horrific ghosts as they jump out of nowhere to kill you. You deal more damage to the ghosts the closer they get to you, and in an even more cruel stroke, the game doesn’t let you control the camera angle. This predominantly black and white game is blood curdling, and leaves you scared of everything.

The best game you may have never heard of though, which I have naturally saved for last, is ‘Silent Hills PT’. Words cannot explain the effect this game will have on you. Unfortunately it cannot be downloaded anymore. It was pulled just after the cancellation of Silent Hills. ‘Silent Hills PT’ won several awards for being the most terrifying game of 2014. If the last four games were too softcore for you, this one is the game for you. What is really scary to consider about this game though is that it was only a teaser for a full game that was never released. So to all you horror enthusiasts out there, I encourage you to enjoy these games, if you think you’re up to the task.

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