Love is in the air at Rocky Mountain College

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by: Courage Louviere

While many of us are returning to a new year of school with summer road-trip souvenirs and golden skin, others are returning with something much bigger: a partner for life. Two of Rocky Mountain College’s couples said their “I Do’s” this summer. On July 30th senior Paige Tanaka

Kris and Erika Musser. Photo courtesy of Amber Reinhardt Photography

Kris and Erika Musser. Photo courtesy of Amber Reinhardt Photography

and junior Kyle Behner tied the knot Montana style, in the bed of a pickup truck nestled in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Just a few short weeks later, on top of Red Lodge Mountain on Au- gust 14th, I had the honor of playing piano for my friend Erika Gwinn as she walked down the aisle to marry her best friend, Kris Musser.

For many students at Rocky, including myself, it seems impossible to imagine making such a commitment at this point in our lives. I asked Paige and Kyle how they would respond to anyone who believes being a college student in your early 20s is too young for marriage. Paige responded by confidently saying, “The point of marriage is to grow together, in life and in love. There is always going to be something going on in life, whether it is college or trying to start and excel in your career, there is never a perfect time. So why wait, if you know you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with why not start growing together now?” Kyle followed with a statement that seemed wise beyond his years: “If I only live to be 22 I’m already old for my age.”

Kyle and Paige Behner. Photo courtesy of Media Makes Memories

Kyle and Paige Behner. Photo courtesy of Media Makes Memories

Whether or not you agree with or understand getting married in college, it is impossible not to smile when you see the beautiful romance and utter happiness that exists between both of these couples. I write this article not only to congratulate both of these amazing couples but to offer hope to any incoming freshman here at Rocky. It was only three short years ago that I spent many evenings as a freshman with my friend discussing boys and love and wondering how, when, and if things would work out for us one day. Now that friend goes by Mrs. Erika Musser and you may see her walking around campus with a stunning diamond ring on her finger. Erika and Kris and Paige and Kyle are evidence that love does happen here at Rocky Mountain College.

So underclassmen, as you begin your college journey keep in mind the romantic story of these people and don’t lose hope in love. To Mr. and Mrs. Musser and Mr. and Mrs. Behner, congratulations on your wonderful marriage and best of wishes to your futures together.

One thought on “Love is in the air at Rocky Mountain College

  • As my wife says, “Be careful where you go to college; you might meet your spouse there.”. It is, I think, a great place to meet someone with similar tastes and compatible ambitions- Rocky especially, because it’s small enough that you can encounter people in multiple environments and get to know them well before committing to a life of growth and mutual refinement. (Not to mention the chance to hear their reputation and see how they interact with others on campus!)

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