Magic: The Gathering Club brings strategy games, fun times to RMC, feature column by Cade Kiedrowski

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Do you play the card game Magic the Gathering? Do you want to, but lack a group to play with? Do you have no idea what Magic the Gathering is and find yourself inexplicably wishing you did? Look no further, dear reader, for little did you know, Rocky Mountain College has its own Magic the Gathering group, which meets weekly.

If you enjoy strategy card games and good people, RMC’s Magic the Gathering Club is for you. If you have never played a strategy card game before and are curious or want to get into it, come stop by and check it out. We meet every week on Wednesday nights from about 7 pm to as late as we like in the Nelson Business Lab. We welcome both new players and experienced players, and play a full range of formats, such as Commander, Legacy, Planechase, and Standard. From time to time, we have also put on our own drafts and events, complete with pizza and drinks!

For those of you who need some more convincing to come join us, or are interested in Magic the Gathering, you should know some of the history behind it. Magic the Gathering is an addicting card game that was designed and published in 1993. It includes hundreds of themed cards which you use to make any kind of deck you can imagine. You use your deck of cards to defeat your opponents in a strategic, fantasy themed duel. The appealing thing about this game is also the most intimidating. With over 20 years worth of cards and abilities, this game is extremely customizable. Such a huge selection to choose from means you will never play the same game twice. This also means that there is a mountain of card abilities to remember, which can be overwhelming if you are new to Magic. Despite this, the basic rules of the game are very simple and straightforward, and I would strongly encourage anyone who is a fan of tabletop games and camaraderie to try it out.

Finding someone to play Magic with can be tricky, but there are more of us out there than you realize. You don’t have to leave the comfort of the RMC campus to find people to play with, but there are a few other places nearby that you could go to to get your game on. Hastings, at the corner of 17th and Grand, and KAB Sports Cards and Collectables on Broadwater near 22nd are both great places to go for Magic and other tabletop gaming. Why go there though when there is a group of RMC students here on campus that you could join?

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