Open Letter to RMC by Brianna West

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Photo by Brianna West.

Photo by Brianna West.

Dear Rocky Mountain College,

I hope this letter finds you well because, as you know, I am not. We planned on four full years together, but here we are spending our last few months apart. You’ve been preparing me for big dreams that keep me awake at night, and I’m not going to lie, I took you for granted sometimes. I confess now that I miss that crumbling building that was home to your music students. The swell in my chest as I sat inside it, listening to the pound of keys or the notes made by vocal chords. Most mornings I would sit for hours and feel the sun filter through its second-story windows. My last best memory of it will be when I sat in the empty auditorium one morning. The silence was brilliant. Now, it’s heart-breaking.

Walking across your campus I was thankful for its small size. I now yearn for the cobblestones beneath my feet as I trek to one more class. I think I would’ve taken a minute to stop by that outdoor chapel once more too. I spent a lot of my freshman year out there.

Finally, if I had known my last time in MK would’ve been my last time as a student I would’ve taken one more walk up its creaking stairs to appreciate the convergence of old and new. To take in the scholarly environment one more time. This is not the way any of us imagined our final semester. But that’s ok. Just know, we appreciate, miss, and love you. Stay well. We’ll see you again someday.

-Brianna West

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