Recycling at Rocky

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Issue_2_10_6_15-016By Andrhea Massey –

Every week, sometimes more than once a week, Rocky Mountain Col- lege’s recycling team meets and makes their rounds. They check the recycling bins, haul barrels full of bottles and cans by hand across campus, sort out trash, take off bottle caps, and weigh in the totals. It isn’t an easy job, but it’s a job worth doing. Last week the team recycled 374.7 pounds of materials. Recyclable materials include plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, papers, glass, and plastic bags. Bins are located around campus, near the dumpsters and in buildings.

How can you help? “One thing I would really like to see is students in dorms organizing with RAs and taking charge of the recycling there. Create an area where everyone can take their recyclables and have a student take it out when it gets full,” says Luke Ward, Director of the Recycling Team. “The challenge is, students are energized but enthusiasm is on the decline.” The biggest thing RMC students can do is get interested and get involved – if everyone works together, everyone will have a better, cleaner world to live in for generations to come.

“I think students, staff, and faculty should take more on – if you see a full bin, empty it into one of the bins by the dumpsters, or in the big blue recycling dumpster behind the Bair Science Center. Many hands make light work – Offices and departments should get their work study students to take out the recycling,” says Bethany Schatzke, RMC Librarian and a huge part of the recycling at RMC. Students can take recycling directly behind the library, where there is a single set of stairs near Tech Hall, and place it in or beside the bin there. The recycling team will take care of it from there. Sierra Wilson, a senior here at RMC, says: “We want recycling to be a community thing. We all live on this planet together, we should all take care of it together.” If anyone has any questions they can contact the president of the environ- mental club, Gabriel, by emailing or Andrhea at

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