RMC Alumni Corner: Tucker Walker blazes trails from RMC to the healthcare field, article by Margaret Klein, photo courtesy of Tucker Walker

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A recent graduate of 2014, Tucker Walker offers some insight into what life is like after college. With a double major in Athletic Training and Exercise Science, Walker is currently working at a hospital as a Cardiac Exercise Specialist. In essence, that complicated title simply means that he rehabs patients after any type of cardiac surgery. He helps them “get back into everyday living through cardiac monitored exercise.”

Alumus Tucker Walker, 2014 graduated with a degrees in Sports Medicine & Exercise Science.

Alumus Tucker Walker, 2014 graduated with a degrees in Sports Medicine & Exercise Science.

However, Walker is ambitious to do more and has applied to a nursing program, where he will get an additional bachelor’s of science degree. After the program’s completion, he plans on continuing his education, obtaining a doctorate in nursing and becoming a nurse practitioner.

Before he arrived at this point in his life, however, Walker completed four years at Rocky Mountain College. As with the majority of students at RMC, the “small tight knit ‘family’ feel” was a huge draw for Walker. In fact, he declared, “It [the family feel] is what made my time spent at Rocky so valuable; to be able to feel like your professors [don’t just consider you] a number, [but] rather consider you a colleague.”

Spending hours in the training rooms and on the various athletic  fields, Walker worked tirelessly to get his Athletic Training practicum hours complete. He said he would not change anything about his time at RMC except to cherish the time he spent there a little more. Someone who loved campus so much was a perfect candidate for student tours, so from the training room, Walker would work his way to the Admissions building to meet prospective students.  Then he took them throughout the campus. “[I was able to] tell them my story [and] why I loved being a RMC Battlin’ Bear so much,” he said.

Time  flew too quickly, however, and too soon it was time to venture out into the world. “Graduation day in May would be a day of bittersweet feelings of success,” he said, “yet [there are] other feelings of apprehensiveness because you are leaving behind your ‘home’ and your new ‘family’ to take the first step towards being on your own and making a future for yourself.”

As a recent graduate, Walker is ideally positioned to give advice to current students. Cautioning against getting stuck in the mindset of just putting in the time to get a degree, Walker advised students to look past the degree and to make sure to have everything needed to succeed. But more important than caution, Walker said, “Appreciate the value of being an RMC student and cherish your time as a student. Take classes that interest you, and always keep track of what you need to do to help get your future goals accomplished.” Walker definitely appreciated the value of being a college student, as he is the first in his family to have graduated from college.

Walker prides himself on being a trailblazer. With just this snapshot of his life, it is easy to say that Walker has earned that title. Perhaps Walker’s best advice for students is for them to “try new things, go on new adventures.  is is the time to reinvent yourself before taking that leap of faith into the great abyss known as your future.”

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