RMC and MSUB team up for ‘Give-A-Ton’ food drive

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“By Jocelyn Anderson”

Rocky Mountain College Director of Alumni Relations Sarah Clark, Montana State University Billings Director of Alumni Relations Gillette Vaira, and a variety of other shave been working since May planning an event called Give-A-Ton.
They had been brainstorming event ideas since October 2018 to find a way to promote collaboration between RMC and MSUB.
They finally came to the conclusion that a food drive was the perfect solution. Clark and Vaira decided that the best way to connect the two schools was through a food drive.
This food drive was named Give-A-Ton because the goal amount of food for each college is exactly that — a whole ton. So, by the end of this food drive, Clark and Vaira hope for RMC and MSUB to have donated two tons of food, which is 4,000 pounds.
The food will then be given to Family Services here in Billings. It is a nonprofit organization that essentially is a retail store. Food, clothes, shoes, and much more are available there for people in need.
Cash donations won’t be allowed because food is the primary focus. However, you may donate cash online (billingsfamilyservice.org).
There is a donation button, and all you have to do is select the school you want to support under the “Designate your Donation” section.
This is a quick and easy way to support the colleges. The collaboration of these colleges is extremely important for this event. In fact, Clark says that collaboration is “instrumental to its success.” Although the food drive promotes a friendly rivalry, Give-A-Ton is meant to push past that in hopes of having each college bring in as much food as it can for Family Services.
Give-A-Ton kicks off on Nov. 6 during the RMC and MSUB women’s basketball game at MetraPark. Food donations will be accepted all throughout the night as both teams play a sport they love.
Donation drop-off locations on RMC’s campus will be in the Student Union Building, the library and the Fortin Education Center.
Students are allowed to drop off their donations until Dec. 11. A formal wrap-up of the food drive will be happening later that week, on Dec. 12 and 13, as the Rocky and MSUB women’s and men’s basketball games close out the food drive.
Give-A-Ton is more than just a college rivalry to see who wins and who loses, it is about coming together to help those in need through out the Billings community.food drive pic

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