RMC approves new cross country budget, sports article by Carrie Cota

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Circulate_Thursday_14th._-051When three different sports are sharing one budget, funding competitive programs can get complicated. Until recently, Rocky Mountain College’s cross country, indoor track & field, and outdoor track & field teams have been under one budget. RMC officially has a track & field team now with a whole new budget, which means bigger opportunities; including a bigger team. Rocky has always had a long distance track program; however, track & field is much more than running. With a  separate budget dedicated towards indoor and outdoor track & field athletes are gaining better training equipment, more scholarship opportunities, and a chance to grow the team into a force to reckoned with.

A variety of new recruits are out for track this year ready to compete in all different events. It’s exciting to have hurdlers, throwers, jumpers, sprinters, pole vaulters, and distance runners able to compete at RMC and have the same opportunities as other schools have.  

Coach Steve McMorris, a newly hired sprints/jumps coach, seems enthusiastic and ready to get going. “I am excited to be here at Rocky, and working with Coach McLean. I have met the track team and think that this is a great cast of characters that are bound for greatness. There is truly something special about this group of athletes. They take great care of themselves and their teammates. It really feels more like a family than a track team.” Coach McMorris said.

Circulate_Thursday_14th._-053Although it is cross country season in the fall, track & field athletes of various events are already starting their training. The team is starting from the bottom and have a lot of work to put in, but the coaches believe that they have the athletes they need. The coaching and management staff will use the resources they have to make this Rocky Mountain College’s best year yet!

RMC’s track & field and cross country teams get the amazing opportunity of camping together at a team running camp before school starts. On August 14-16 the team had a chance to get to know their seventeen new recruits, run together, and even cook meals by a beautiful site near Mystic Lake. Not many teams get the chance to experience this type of bonding opportunity and it really brings the team together.

Rocky Mountain College’s first cross country meet will be held on September 8th in Helena. The cross country team hopes to see you at the fall cross country races and at track races later in the year.

“I think Rocky will surprise some people this year.” McMorris said. The team definitely has goals to do just that.

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