RMC group spreads awareness on sexual violence

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“by Megan Logan”

In a world where many people are coming forward as having been a victim of sexual violence, even more are saying “Enough is enough.” One of the largest concerns surrounding sexual violence is the lack of information and resources made available to people, and the founders of the Culture of Respect agree, too.
Culture of Respect was founded in 2013 by parents of college-aged students that were concerned about the high rates of sexual as- sault on college campuses.
Sandi Haber Fifield was one parent who led the initiative Going along with this, the parents were also concerned about the lack of resources available for survivors, students, parents, and administrators. In order to work toward combating this issue, the parents constructed a team of public health and violence prevention researchers and experts in advocacy, student affairs, higher education policy, and law. With this team came the first editions of CORE Blueprint, CORE Evaluation, and CultureofRespect.org.
According to their website, the program’s mission statement is “Culture of Respect builds the capacity of educational institutions to end sexual violence through ongoing, expansive organizational change.”
The CORE Blueprint is a reference guide of campus practices recommended by experts. The reference is constructed of six pillars that are essential tools for a campus to successfully strategize toward ending sexual violence. All Culture of Respect’s groundwork and tools are based around a six pillar system.
The program works with schools across the country, including multiple institutions in Montana, like our very own Rocky Mountain College.
The RMC brand is referred to as “RMC Culture of Respect Collective Institution.” Rocky’s branch has its own mission statement : “ RMC Culture of Respect is committed to providing sexual and intimate partner violence prevention opportunities to the campus community.”
Rocky’s program is in direct response to the increasing number of sexual violence incidents occurring on college campuses. The campus’s program provides students with opportunities to ask questions about sexual health, resources that allow students to participate in safe sexual activities, and resources for those who may need to report a situation or need off-campus help.
Students on Rocky’s campus are encouraged to become a part of Rocky’s team and can do so by going to the Rocky website, searching Culture of Respect and clicking the “Join Our Team” link.
Rocky’s team has plans in the spring semester to host “Mic Night Mondays,” which allow people the opportunity to share their creativity. “Mic Night Mondays” do not require people to share about sexual violence; however, people are more than welcome to.
Along with this new installment, the team will be running a new poster campaign promoting healthy masculinity and will be doing multiple events in April for sexual assault awareness month.
Those with any questions are encouraged to email cultureofrespect@rocky.edu.
Promotional posters made by the RMC Culture of Respect Collec- tive team. Photo courtesy of Rocky.edu. RMC Culture of Respect Collective Institution logo. Photo courtesy of Rocky.edu.

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