RMC hosts new year fitness programs, article by Megan Logan

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New goals come with the new year. People make resolutions involving weight loss, higher activity, or other health and fitness-related intentions.

This year, Rocky Mountain College has two programs, Rocky Fit and The Iron Bear Challenge, happening throughout the semester which can help students reach their own fitness goals.

This will be the second year that the campus has seen the Rocky Fit Program, sponsored by grant funds allocated by Healthy RMC Team. Rocky Fit started in 2018 when RMC Tobacco Free Grant funding was expanded to include chronic diseases.

Housing Director Shaydean Saye was exposed to the idea after attending a conference.

“I attended a conference where I learned poor diet, lack of exercise, and use of tobacco was a cause in people developing cancer, heart disease, type II diabetes, and lung disease,” said Saye, “and that those four things contributed to 50 percent of deaths in Montana.

“Since the Tobacco Free RMC group had already made so much progress in the area of tobacco use, I wanted to do something that would focus on diet and exercise,” Saye continued.

“After participating on the Granite Fitness Biggest Loser RMC Team, I thought this could be a great opportunity to get students, faculty, and staff involved in a similar program.”

The program invites up to 62 people, staff, faculty, and students, to engage in a three-month fitness and nutrition plan. This year, there are 34 participants in the challenge.

Rocky Fit participants are challenged to complete three exercise classes a week in the Fortin Gym and log what they eat along with how they feel after eating.

Participants are also eligible to win a monetary prize. The student who makes the most positive change in their health (determined through InBody scans conducted at the beginning and end of the program) will be awarded a $100 scholarship.

The faculty or staff member who makes the most positive change will be awarded $100 in professional development funds.

The InBody scan is able to calculate a person’s BMI, their percentage of body fat, and how lean mass is distributed through their body among many other analyses.

Participants used the InBody scan at the beginning of the program to log their starting points and will use the scan again at the end of the challenge to see their results.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Healthy RMC and having a say in what positive changes are brought to campus, please email housing@rocky.edu.

In addition, Outdoor Recreation and Intramurals will be hosting The Iron Bear Challenge. This will be the second year that the triathlon style of the challenge has been used.

Outdoor Recreation and Intramurals used to sponsor a different type of program in the spring semester that was similar to a spartan race with an obstacle course-like format.

Participants of The Iron Bear Challenge have from Jan. 28 through April 15 to attempt to swim 2.4 miles, run 26.2 miles, and bike 112 miles.

The Challenge is self paced and flexible in making accommodations so that anyone who would like to participate is able.

During the course of the challenge, participants are responsible for logging their own mileage into a Google Doc shared with them. They will also need to provide three pieces of photographic evidence of them participating.

Those who complete the challenge will receive a T-shirt and be entered into the drawing to win the grand prize of up to a $300 value.

Both programs are still encouraging participants to join.

Students and staff interested in joining either program, they should reach out to Shaydean Saye or Outdoor Recreation.

In the end, both programs are truly about self-improvement and helping everyone learn to better themselves. RMC’s programs throughout the campus are here to help staff and students alike work toward their health, fitness, and nutrition goals.

Rocky Fit chronic disease prevention poster.

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