RMC prepares for annual commencement ceremony, column by Nicolas Cordero

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Rocky Mountain College will hold its 137th annual commencement ceremony Saturday, May 5 in the Fortin Education Center at 1 p.m. All students, friends, family, faculty and staff are invited to attend.

According to Associate Registrar Kyle Pratt, there are currently 161 students approved to participate in May Commencement ceremonies.

Of those students, 26 are majoring in Aviation, 2 are majoring in Art, 21 for Biology, 35 for Business, 4 in Chemistry, 5 in Communication, and 14 majoring in Computer Science. There are 13 majoring in Education, 2 majoring in English, 9 in Environmental Science or Environmental Management & Policy, 5 in Equestrian Studies, 5 in Geology, and 36 in Health and Human Performance. Lastly, there’s 3 majoring in History/Political Science, 1 in Physics, 4 in Mathematics, 3 in Music, 2 in Philosophy, 8 in Psychology, 3 majoring in Sociology, and 2 majoring in Theater.

As I am sure you have noticed, those numbers do not match up. The reason for that is that some students graduate with more than one major. Overall, RMC awards approximately 25 bachelor’s degrees and 139 bachelor of science degrees. These numbers are for undergraduates only and may change prior to commencement ceremonies.

Senior Giselle Bright will be graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration with Business Management and Managerial Accounting concentrations and a minor in Organizational Leadership. Bright commented about her time at the College.

“Rocky has been a phenomenal experience,” she said. “I learned a lot about myself and what I truly enjoy. I became more involved in leadership and worked on developing real life skills.”

Seniors are ecstatic about graduating, but also ponder the harsh realities of the world. One thing remains certain: the experiences students cultivated during their time at RMC prepared them to effectively deal with challenges in the future.

“I think there are enormous opportunities if you take the chance and get involved,” said Bright. “I have definitely built many life-long relationships both professional and personal friends. When I first came to Rocky, I knew absolutely no one. That was a major factor in choosing this college. I wanted a clean slate with endless possibilities. I think the most growth has been through my personal development. From discovering my strengths and finding opportunities to grow. I think Rocky provides ample opportunities, it is up to the student to decide how much they want out of it.”

Senior Emily Schaff will be graduating with a B.A. in Communication Studies and with minors in Organizational Leadership and Business Management.

“My experience at Rocky has been great overall.” said Schaff.  “Rocky wasn’t my first pick in terms of colleges, and yet it was the only college I ended up applying to. I think I really benefited from the class sizes the most, as well as being able to communicate and work closely with the faculty and staff here.”

Schaff commented about her intent to stay involved with the RMC community as she moves unto the professional world.

“Kim Woeste, the chaplain, has been a great friend and mentor to me since I first started here at Rocky.” said Schaff. “Honestly, if I didn’t have her guidance these last four years, I feel my Rocky experience wouldn’t have been as great as it has been. I’ve been thinking about how I can continue to partner with Rocky and some of the Student Life staff here once I graduate and continue to work in the real world.”

Schaff added that RMC really does have a connected community. Even after individuals leave the college, there is still that feeling of being a part of RMC; a sense that you can always refer to individuals here if you ever need a helping hand or guidance.

RMC requires all students to adhere to a formal dress code for the ceremony; men are expected to wear dress slacks and dress shirts and women appropriate skirts, dresses, or slacks.

Each student participating in the ceremony is required to wear the provided cap and gown, and no personalization of the caps may be made. RMC recognizes that many students would like to wear uniforms or other cultural dress, and this is encouraged and accepted at all other graduation events, as well as under the cap and gown during the commencement ceremony.

The mission of Rocky Mountain College is to educate future leaders through liberal arts and professional programs that cultivate critical thinking, creative expression, ethical decision-making, informed citizenship, and professional excellence.

As a graduating student of this institution, I feel they have done just that.


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