RMC prepares for annual Yule Log celebration

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“by Sydney Weaver”

The Yule Log, also known as Yule Clog or Christmas Block, is a Christmas tradition celebrated in a number of countries in Europe that is believed to bring good luck.
The custom of burning a Yule Log has been traced back to medieval times and was originally a Nordic tradition. Originally, the Yule Log was actually a whole tree that was meticulously chosen and brought into the house. This bringing of the log into the house included a huge ceremony with a feast. The largest part of the log would be placed into the fire while the rest of the tree sticks would be in the room. The fire would be started by the previous year’s log that had been stored away.
The ashes of Yule logs were thought to be good for plants, which is true because of the “potash” in the ashes that aids in the growth of flowers. If you threw the ashes away on Christmas though, it was seen as unlucky.
The tradition is assumed to derive from Germanic paganism, but the true origin is unclear. The Christian Yule tradition symbolizes the battle between good and evil. The lighting of the log symbolizes the end of one year and the celebration of another.
The fire represents the introduction of light into the new year as we battle evil.
This ancient ritual is one of four main traditions at Rocky Mountain College along with Homecoming Weekend, the Candlelight Dinner, and one of the newer traditions, International Week, that started six years ago.
The night kicks off at 5:30 p.m. with dinner in the dining hall. Dinner will include freshly carved meats and a cheesecake bar. The dining hall and Fraley Lounge will be decorated for the season by Student Activities. Then, at 6:30 p.m., everyone gathers in the Fraley Lounge for the lighting of the Yule Log.
At the celebration, the youngest full-time student lights the Yule Log.
This year, Avi Fortner, 17, will light the log followed by music by RMC musical ensembles. Kim Woeste, the RMC chaplain, will give a message about the lighting, and RMC President Robert Wilmouth will read a Christmas story.
The Yule Log Celebration always falls on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving Break and is free for all students and their guests.
Any student with a Carte- Blanche meal plan is covered by Student Activities and does not need a ticket. Any other student who RMC prepares for annual Yule Log celebration wants to attend or students that have guests, need to go to the Dean of Students Office to pick up tickets.
This event is put on and paid for by Student Activi- ties, so if you are interested in the event, or would like to learn more, you can contact them at studentservices@rocky.edu.
2018 Yule Log burns. Photo courtesy of the RMC media team.

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