RMC Ski Team

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photo by Brandon Kiem

photo by Brandon Kiem

By: Brandon Keim –

The ski team here at Rocky consists of great coaching, young talent, and speed. Over the last 14 years, behind coach Jerry Wolf, the men’s and women’s ski teams have qualified for Nationals every year. The ski teams consist of two coaches, Jerry Wolf and his son Jeremy Wolf, eight women skiers, and eight men skiers. They compete in two events for RMC, the Slalom and the Giant Slalom.

We had the chance to catch up with the head coach and five of the skiers: Nils Hogbom, Fredrika Hjelm, Harlan Collins, Frida Svedberg, and Andrija Vukovic. They are mostly on the go and, at one point in the year, they are full-on skiing for three months, with no school. They train and practice in Red Lodge, Mont., working every day to get to the teams’ all time goal – winning Nationals.

Nils Hogbom is a junior at RMC and is from Ostersund, Sweden. Nils said one of his favorite memories is, “When I won Nationals.” He plays a major role to the team and is doing his best on the snow and in the classroom.

Harlan Collins, from Hailey, Idaho, is also a junior skier for the team. He said “The Skier Cross in Sun Valley” was one of his best memories. He was named champion at that event. Harlan will continue to bond with his teammates as they compete for the win.

Andrija Vukovic a sophomore, originally from Belgrade, Serbia, said, “I love to compete and love the RMC atmosphere.” Andrija will be on his way to the world championship, held in Beaver Creek, Colorado. He will be skiing for Serbia and Rocky Mountain College.

Frida Svedberg, from Ostersund, Sweden, is a sophomore skier for the team. Frida said that “Rocky is a very accepting school,” and she is glad to be here. She also said her favorite memory is “when we won Nationals.”

Fredrika Hjelm is a junior female skier who is from Sigtuna, Sweden. She said that her favorite memory was “when we won Nationals, because no one has ever won from RMC.” She also said, “It is somewhat easy to adapt to the college life at RMC.” She is excited for what her skiing career brings.

Jerry Wolf is a Montana native with plenty of skiing background, whether it comes from coaching or from his youth. He competed in the NCAA as well as the USCSA. He said, “It is nice to defend the girls National title.” He strives for greatness within his team and has the skill and mindset to get them there.

All in all, the RMC ski team is a very solid team, even though they are young (no seniors on the team). Also, they continue to go through a recruiting process to put together the most versatile and skillful team out there. They can only grow in skill over the next year of practice together, as they will compete every day with their mindset geared toward one thing – winning Nationals.


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