RMC soccer teams feature sibling pairs

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“By Nicky Litherland”

Rocky Mountain College’s soccer program has a unique sibling pair on both the men’s and women’s rosters.
For the first time in the program’s history, there are two sets of siblings spread across the two rosters. In both cases, the older sister is on the women’s team while the younger brother plays on the men’s team.
And if that wasn’t interesting enough, both of the older sisters share the same
name, with different spellings.
For both the Cornwalls and the Gamaches, soccer has been a part of their lives for a long time.
For all four players, Lauren, Ryan, Lauryn and Bryce, their athletic drive to play soccer at the college level was largely driven by their experience playing on their high school teams.
Lauryn Gamache is a midfielder/forward while Lauren Cornwall is an outside back defender.
Both women are college seniors and team captains for the RMC women’s soccer team, and
both transferred to RMC from other institutions early on in their college athletic career.
Lauren Cornwall described the motivation for the transfer best when she said, “It’s just too fun to give up completely.” She noted that growing up with two younger siblings who play the same sport, particularly with her brother, Ryan, was “like having a built-in best friend to play with.”
The two have also played in their backyard and on co-ed teams together growing up.
As for attending the same school as her brother, Cornwall noted that the downsides are limited and joked, “I am just worried our biology teachers will like him more than they liked me.”
Lauryn Gamache saw the benefits of attending college with a younger sibling similarly, stating, “I get the opportunity to help guide him in a new chapter of his life and be here first-hand to watch him grow and develop as he takes on this
experience. It also allows us to bond even more on a different level and expand our relationship together.”
The downside, in her opinion, is that she is protective of him “and [has] to act like the mom at times to make sure he stays in check.”
Ryan Cornwall noted, “My sister is one of my best friends. It was reassuring to know that I would always have somebody to talk to, no matter what. I was apprehensive to go to the same school as my sister because I knew she would always know what I was up to.”
As for attending the same school as his sister, Bryce Gamache said that “she is able to show me the ropes, and if I have any questions, I can always ask her. Downside is she is like another mom sometimes.”
When asked about their qualities, the sibling pairs were very open.
Lauren said that Ryan was, without a doubt, the more competitive of the two. She noted that “He is always so supportive of his teammates, and he always takes a loss very personally.”
Similarly, she also said that Ryan was the better player, noting that he “has always had an incredible skill for keeper. I don’t know how he has the ability to throw himself at shots the way that he does.”
Ryan noted that he is more personally competitive than Lauren. And contrary to what his sister said, he said that “while she will never admit it, I think Lauren is a very talented player and she does not credit herself enough for her abilities.”
Lauryn Gamache noted that she was the more competitive one out of the
two. She said, “We are both pretty equal when it comes
to our quality as players. We both understand the game and know how to execute our decisions properly on the field, contributing a great amount to our team’s success.”
Bryce Gamache responded that they were pretty even as they are both
very competitive. As for who the better player is, his response was, “I don’t
know. Girls and guys soccer are totally different.”
It is clear that both sibling sets share an immense respect for their younger/ older sibling and that their college aspirations and athletic abilities only strengthen the sibling bond between them.
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