RMC Students May Face Increase in Student Fees

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By Kobi Hudson –

Student Activity Fees may be rising in the upcoming years, according to the Associated Students of Rocky Mountain College, led by President Zach Pietrocarlo. Student fees have not been covering as much as they used to said Pietrocarlo. Currently, students pay four fees at RMC: the Campus Technology fee ($90), the Student Publication fee ($15), the Academic Lab fee ($70) and the Student Activity Fee ($75).  

The Activity fee is allocated into ASRMC’s budget, which the Senate then distributes to student clubs and other items that benefit RMC students, said Pietrocarlo. This semester ASRMC has used almost all the Student Activity Fee’s budget to fund clubs and other student activities, such as Rocktivities and supplies for the game room.

The last time the fee was raised was about four years ago when it was increased by ten dollars, said Pietrocarlo. That was the first time in 15 years that it had been raised. In 1997 the Student Activity Fee was 65 dollars. After factoring in the inflation from 1997 to 2015, that is the equivalent of about 96 dollars in today’s standards.

Pietrocarlo noted that student clubs have been a lot more active than in the past and this has been stretching the current budget more than usual. At about halfway through the Fall 2015 semester, ASRMC had only several hundred dollars left in their budget.

The current ASRMC administration is considering a 10 or 15 dollar raise on the fee, said Pietrocarlo. To the individual this change is miniscule, but it adds up on the large scale.

Not all students think raising the Student Activity Fee is a good idea. Courage Louviere, a junior Business major, doesn’t agree that there should be any sort of increase with student fees. “I feel we pay enough fees as it is,” she said. “There is a high enough percentage of students at RMC that are not involved in these activities that they shouldn’t be required to pay any fee at all.”

Louviere said “I think it would be better if only those who wanted to participate in the activities had to pay the fees.” Louviere said that some students may not agree with the things that their fee’s are going towards. “They’re unknowingly contributing to something they may not believe in.”

“If the Student Activity Fee were to be raised the possibilities would be endless,” said Pietrocarlo. Student clubs wouldn’t have to worry as much about raising funds for their activities. More money would be available for things such as club trips, or big ticket items like studio equipment for Rocky Beats, or fencing supplies for the new fencing club .

Derek Crew, a freshman majoring in Computer Science, said “I don’t think we should raise it. I think if you want more money for clubs then you could do more fundraising.”

Pietrocarlo expects that if the fee does go up that there would be more clubs at RMC. “Clubs would be able to accomplish what they want to accomplish,” said Pietrocarlo.

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