RMC’s New Math Club

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By: Kobi Hudson –

Whether you are good at math, bad at math, love math or hate math, math club can help you appreciate it. The newly founded math club at Rocky is a group of individuals that greatly appreciate math, they say. Math club, known as the Rocky Mountain College Mathematical Society, wants to have fun with math and appreciate it. Math is in everyday life and doesn’t have to be something that is only done reluctantly as homework.

In math club, members meet to find ways to have fun with math. When asked what math club is, Hannah Groves, a senior in biology and a member of math club, said “A group of people who all mutually enjoy mathematics and helping others enjoy mathematics.”

The club offers many opportunities to have fun in math and plans to take fun trips and visit conferences. Some of the conferences can be all over the place, even in Portland, Ore., at the Mathematical Association of America’s mathfest. They also plan to participate in different math contests, like the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. The club will not necessarily participate as a whole but will help those who want to participate in the contests. The help they can offer for participants includes practice, travel, getting a team together, and even funding.

“People should join because it is a place where you can see how math works outside of a classroom or textbook. Math gets a bad rap because of how it has to be taught, but there are so many more exciting and interesting aspects to its study that most students do not see in a traditional math class,” said Groves.

The club is still very new and is looking for people. Math club thus far has had meetings that involved talking about what trips to take and how they can help the community with math while doing fun math problems. The club plans to offer tutoring for college and high school students.

The mathematical society plans to do projects even with rockets. This past October 6, the club met to discuss plans to build and launch rockets with biophysicist John Jurist, a Rocky Mountain College professor. In that meeting, the club decided to discuss rocket theory and the applications of math in future meetings with Jurist’s guidance. The club will not only discuss theory but build and launch rockets as well. One member, Will Lowery, a senior in math and computer science, said, “I am excited to build rockets because I like the fire and the flames.”

If somebody enjoys music, money, nature or even rockets, they might be interested in math club. Math can be found in all of these pursuits. The frequencies of the notes, the beats of the music, the best ways to save money, or even the reasons why bees use hexagons for their hives can all be explained with math.

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