Rocky Celebrates Sobriety in October

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“By Jocelyn Anderson”

Every year, Rocky Mountain College celebrates a sobriety challenge called Sober October. As the name suggests, the participants remain sober throughout the month of October. This challenge was created for social drinkers. It is designed to change their drinking habits for a month and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Although social drinking is common, there are many advantages to going sober, such as better health and better relationships.

According to, participants may notice quite a few positive changes in their lives. For one, it will give the participants more time to do things. Instead of having to deal with hangovers after a night of social drinking, participants will be able to wake up and start their day with a clear head. Additionally, going sober helps improve sleeping patterns. Participants will also save money by not having to pay for alcohol every week. Finally, people usually experience having clearer skin too.

By going sober, qualities of friendships often increase because it promotes more in-depth conversation. Participants also might make new friends, too. It is important to remember that not everyone chooses to drink alcohol. With this in mind, those who take on this challenge might end up meeting new people that they wouldn’t normally meet. Ultimately, this challenge can help build relationships, old and new, and make everyone feel included.

Sober October also gives participants the opportunity to spend more time doing other things that might be of interest to them. Instead of going out for drinks, there are various other activities that are available. Join an intramural team, go to the zoo, watch the new movie out in theaters that catches your eye, host your own karaoke night, go to an escape room, cook food for your friends and have them over for dinner, go rock climbing, go hiking, take a dance class, jump around at a trampoline park, go to a water park, go window shopping, learn how to play a new instrument, have a video game tournament, go to a play, attend a concert, have a bonfire, and so much more.

There are various things that you can do that not only are fun, but that connects you with the community, your friends, and new people that you might not have thought about hanging out with before.

Additionally, students can be active on campus by attending StandUp RMC’s Sober October events coming up next month. These events are designed to be fun, yet informative. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Sober October, attend their events to gain a richer understanding of alcohol consumption, sobriety, how you can be thoughtful and intentional in regards to drinking, and how you can promote a safe, healthy environment for you and your friends.

If you do drink (whether it’s October or not), please do so responsibly. Have a designated driver or an Uber take you home, remain aware of your alcohol consumption for your safety, and drink water throughout your outing to stay hydrated.

If Sober October sounds like the challenge for you, you can officially become a sober hero and also raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support by visiting


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