Rocky Choir Reconnects With the Magic of A Live Performance Column By Emily Craft of the Summit Staff

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One major change separated the Saturday, Sep 25th choral performance from all other performances the previous year. It wasn’t the church it was held in nor was it the songs that were sung that made this concert such a special one. Rather, it was the sea of faces staring back at us in replacement of the flashing red light of a camera we had become so used to.

Saturday’s performance was the first to have a live audience since the outbreak of COVID-19. Music, like most art forms, is extremely emotional. It’s difficult trying to express deep and living emotions to a camera, but when an actual human being is on the receiving end, it transforms the expression of the music. Because masks were still worn by performers as a precaution, we had to learn to tell the story of the music through only our eyes and body language.

The students who are involved in the Rocky Choir are all hard-working individuals; so many have obligations outside of choir. Because of this, it’s hard getting everyone in the same room at the same time for rehearsal. The concert was one of the few times, if not the very first time of the season, that we were all singing together. Even though we aren’t all together at every rehearsal, it’s amazing how we are able to perform as a unified group.

When everything comes together — music, performers, and a live audience — it just doesn’t get any better than a live production. That’s something we learned because of COVID.

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