Rocky Ramblings

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From two graduating seniors, here are some of our favorite one liners we heard over the course of four years at Rocky Mountain College:

*Professor makes duck calls in class*

*Professor orders Jimmy John’s for the entire class*

“I pay a lot of money to go to a school where the wifi doesn’t work most of the time.”

“You’re in my unassigned assigned seat.”

“I can’t walk normal or my bananas will fall out.”

“We had danksgiving.”

“So my grandma smokes weed right.”

“Seems a little too coincidental that the power went out the night of the candlelight dinner.”

“Maybe if I slip on the ice outside the residence halls I’ll get free tuition.”

“I just need to pet some dogs right now.”

“Can I call you back? I’m about to go take a depression nap.”

“Everyone knows that if the lights are off in the game room, I’m sleeping on the couch before Chemistry… . Don’t mess with my flow. I already miss my afternoon nap ‘cause of History.”

*Male student yells across the walkway* “HEY, I LIKE YOUR SALMON COLORED PANTS! WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?”
*Long pause from male professor as he continues to walk farther away from the student* “…..BANANA REPUBLIC IN THEIR DRESS PANT SECTION ONLINE. THEY’RE SUPERB.”

*A girl shimmying toward the SUB on a Monday at 7:30 a.m.* “It’ssssss cooooookieeee tableeeee dayyyyyyy.”

“I left my freaking steak in my bed last night and woke up smelling like the Australian Outback.”

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